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    Paint and pounds: How to cut the cost of decorating

    Planning to refresh your home with new colours and a whole host of accessories is always an inspiring time – from enthusiastically perusing Pinterest for ideas to planning your new space to the utmost detail. But put the excitement of home décor aside and the realisation of the price tag it comes with may set in as, quite often, it can be a hefty one. 

    According to a report by Which? the average cost of hiring a decorator to wallpaper, paint and gloss a medium-sized room can total as much as £738. Add to that the cost of materials, such as paint and wallpaper, and you’re already looking at quite a large price tag which doesn’t even include buying furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. 

    To help you keep your decorating budget in check, we’ve compiled a roundup of tips and tricks for revamping a space without breaking the bank (plus the places to splurge, too). 

    Plump for a feature wall 

    Want a room to pop without spending a fortune? Opt for a standout feature wall, using an attention-seeking patterned wallpaper to draw the eye – it’ll give any room an instant lift. To pinch the pennies even further, pair with white paint which is not only chic but is said to be a cheaper choice than colored versions, too. 

    "Eternal Weekend" by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    Try your hand at upcycling 

    Before you embark on the shopping trip of the century, take a moment to think about any items you already own which could be upcycled – you’ll find most have heaps of potential. A lick of chalk paint, reupholstering in leftover fabric or making the most of the end of wallpaper rolls can go a long way. Try upcycling using daring prints and fabrics to transform old furniture into statement pieces. 

    "Fruta do Dragão - Ultramarine", "Ave do Paraíso - Turqouise", and "Abacaxi - Curd" by Iwa Herdensjö

    Splurge on key pieces 

    Investing in important furniture, such as a sofa or dining table, will go a long way. Pick products which fit within your budget but are of high quality. Well-made pieces can last up to 30 years, so are well worth splashing out on. 

    "Bird Dreams" by Padma Bhatt

    Update soft furnishings 

    If you don’t want – or need – to buy a new sofa or bed, try updating your soft furnishings and accessories instead. Cushions, throws and bedspreads are completely affordable and can give your space a stylish new look, without having to change the entire room. 

    "Hexagon - Nude" by By May

    Maximise natural light 

    Your home can instantly feel bigger and brighter if you utilise natural light where possible. Allow the sun to stream in by framing your windows in a pale or white shade and choose a light fabric for your curtains or blinds. It’s a simple but very effective trick of the trade. 

    "Forest - Apricot" by Plingsulli

    Do it yourself 

    The best way to save money while decorating is opting to do the work yourself, rather than employing professionals. There’s plenty of tutorials available on the net to help you along the way – if you’re looking to install a wall mural, we’ve got a handy video to help you with every step. 

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