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    What's Hot and What's Not in Interior Design

    What’s hot and what’s not in interior design trend

    As 2017 is about to end, it may be the right time to reflect on the things that have happened the whole year. Of course there must have been the ups and downs, and probably, this year has been a rollercoaster ride for many of us. The thing is, we survived another year. So as we start a new year soon, it is the best time to get the old ones out and be with the new. This is the best time to update ourselves as well as our homes with what’s hot and trendy for 2018. Here are some of the ideas that you can try and surely you will find them amazing.

    What is 2018 all about in interior design

    2018 is a special one for interior design. It is all about rest and relaxation and you will really be glad about it. Imagine yourself drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book as you sit back in a large sofa chair. Anything that would calm and relax homeowners are ideal in the homes. You may think of many different things to add in your home to make it more comfortable, relaxing, yet livelier. For instance, lighting fixtures, color palettes, furniture pieces, wallpapers and other elements, that are relaxing and calming are highly recommended in 2018.

    The IN’s in interior design for 2018

    As mentioned earlier, the home interior must be calming and relaxing. If you are all about relaxing, that is the in thing. Big furniture pieces that help you relax more are just what you need in your home. So before the new year comes, better start visiting every store and online shop to find those huge and laid-back furniture immediately.

    A home that is well lit will also help you achieve your goal. It is livelier and has a certain character that will make a statement in your home. This is one of the reasons why you have to install large windows to let natural light in your home. You and your home will greatly benefit from the additional illumination to drive any gloom away. This will also add warmth and comfort in your home.

    In addition to these, the use of window panes with minimalist design will make your home appear wonderful. This design element will likewise complement your outdoor landscapes or gardens.

    Brown and beige will also make their comeback in 2018. These colors are far from the loud ones that are commonly used to make their homes vibrant. The earthy tone these colors exhibit in your home exude a sense of serenity and calmness.

    Wall paint and wall murals have been used for sometime now and probably the thing of the past. Wallpaper will be hot again when 2018 hits. Wallpaper will add flair and style to your home. Therefore, clean and prep your wall as soon as possible to have those wallpapers installed and have a stylish new year.

    In 2018, organics will also be a hot topic when it comes to interior design. Plants and flowers add the outdoor feel in your home. As we may probably know, plants provide the greatest benefit when it comes to calming and relaxing, Just make it sure to provide the plants with their basic requirements to make them fresh everyday.

    Pick storage solutions to keep your personal belongings. Install some shelves on the walls to help you store your important belongings or hobby collection in a place that’s safe and easy to locate. It is recommended to use shelves with minimalist design. Shelves must have geometrical in shape and does not have any curves in them.

    Pick painting that use a monochromatic color that adds style in your home. Set them on a blank wall and adorn them with minimal amount of other decorations.

    When it comes to pillows, opt for simple and less complicated ones. Pick pillows with black and white stripes. Place them in the living room and bedroom and create a more relaxing feel in these rooms. In addition to these, consider using wall paint color and other interior design elements to complement the pillows.

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