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    4 interior trends to channel in 2017

    It’s hard to imagine anything could top the lush tropic patterns and archetypal seventies swatches that took the design world by storm in 2016. But since leading color experts Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as Colour of the Year 2017, we’re expecting even stronger vibrancy in this year’s interior trends. 

    With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the key interior trends predicted for 2017 and how you can channel them in your own home. 

    Zest is best 

    You heard it – green is set to dominate color palettes this year and utilising the natural shade can help create an energising space. Whether you use accent bursts or go emerald with your paint palettes, introducing green hues into your home will be a sure winner this year. 

    As one of the most soothing shades around, green can add a sense of ease to any part of your home. You might not want to use green from floors to walls, but introducing the color subtly with accessories is a great way to inject the trend into your home. 

    For refreshing green wallpaper ideas, discover the colours collection on our website. 

    "Jungle Canopy 2 Spring" by AL Collection

    Distinctive textures 

    Cracked textures will have their moment and mixing materials will be on-trend in 2017. Both sustainability and practicality are predicted to be the next big thing in interiors and design elements that reflect this will reign supreme. Cork walls in particular can add a sense of responsible minimalism to your space while also channelling a Scandi chic style – pair with crisp white tones for a contrasting edge to your interior space. 


    Bringing organic elements into your home is already hugely on trend, but this year we’ll see this grow further. From the addition of living walls to horticulture-inspired graphic prints and fabrics – 2017 is set to be all about spotlighting nature in its rawest form. Simplicity will be key and how horticultural items are displayed will reflect this. 

    "Panorama Grey" by Scandinavian Surface

    Art-inspired wall murals 

    Art isn’t just saved for canvases this year. 2017 will see wall murals featuring organic stripes that take inspiration from artisanal creation and wild watercolor brushstrokes – they’ll effortlessly form a beautiful backdrop for any neutral space. 

    "My Greenhouse Watercolor 4" by Lisa Audit
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