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    Great trend day introduced by Trendstefan

    Photowall kicked off the new year with a large dose of inspiration at Great trend day, a major design trend event organised by Trendstefan on 10 January in Stockholm. Trendstefan unveiled the five major trends we will see a lot of in 2017 – the year of colour. 

    Check out Trendstefan’s five trends for 2017

    The Peter Pan trend

    This trend is all about not wanting to grow up. You dare to wear whatever you like, whether you’re off to a banquet or clearing out the garden shed on a rainy Sunday. You introduce your kids to Pokémon Go but then you are the one who ends up playing it. The decor is playful, androgynous and humorous with hints of the Tropics and the 1970s. The green potted plant is a welcome addition. You even arrange green, light blue and pink plastic beads on pegboards and delight in making trivets with the kids. 

    Old is the new black, says Trendstefan

    Old is back. Brands have aged, are reinventing themselves and are attracting designers who dare to go all out. Fashion magazines parade older models, and store interiors channel the look of the ye olde apothecary. Start decorating with a base of black and then add black details. Dark brown wood is prominent in this trend and an oil painting on the wall an absolute must. This is where you say goodbye to Scandinavian design! 

    Kelim kinship looks to the east

    Handmade, simple, and to use a new word coined by Trendstefan, hut-made. Influences come from Oriental and African patterns and colours. Details add a handmade look. It’s fine to keep the decor simple and unfussy, but use heavy-looking furniture and fabrics. The potted plant has a natural place here too – preferably a banana plant. Colours such as red, sand, denim blue and dark green dominate the trend. 

    Superhero and supernature – it’s about colour

    The superhero features in this trend, though not necessarily in the traditional form. There’s a new kind of superhero, one who is a committed role model or why not even Beyoncé? You crave colour, and according to Trendstefan, you follow Instagram accounts that are not afraid to use neon colours paired with blues, reds and yellows. You decorate with flowers – spectacular, supersized flowers – and idolise Nerd 2.0. 

    Waste – reuse it

    Return, recycle and reuse what’s left. You’re gradually starting to use services like Sellpy – a Swedish startup for selling on the items you no longer use – and You also demand more innovative interior design solutions that consider the environment. You look for young, environmentally aware designers who create materials from coffee grounds or rugs from textile industry leftovers. You decorate using recycled materials and are not afraid to borrow products from your friends. In this trend, colours are taken straight from nature. 

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