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Bring out the big WOW with trendy wall art

Wall art and interior design

Wall art is one of the important elements in interior design. It can actually make the room lively and vibrant. In many instances, wall art is treated as an afterthought. This means that it is only thought about after the paint has been dried or the other decorative elements have been placed in their respective positions. Well, this should not be the case as wall art can do a lot in a room. The right wall art can add texture and set the mood in the room. Well, if you have a boring room or dull walls, just add a great wall art and your lives will change forever.  For instance, the living room with a large canvas print on the wall can draw the eyes into it, making it the focal point of the room. 

Amazing room with trendy wall art

Being trendy does not mean that the design cannot be timeless, but not trying trendy designs can be a little bit disturbing. Trendy wall art can do a lot of things in your homes. Sometimes we are just hesitant of something that we haven’t tried yet. But trying something new adds spice to our life. For example, if you go to another country, it would be a shame if you would not try their own cuisine. Eating the country’s food may be new for us but at least you can finally tell yourself that you ingested part of their culture. Enough with food as it may make our stomachs growl. This may also be true with trendy wall art. Trying something new and something “in” may change our own perspective about wall art and its importance iin the construction and design industries.

Say WOW with these trendy wall art ideas

One of the popular trends today in wall art is to play with black and white combo. Picture frames with thin and sleek black edges is a great piece to display black and white photos. Play with various sizes and shapes to maintain cohesion. You may also want to add wildlife into your home with a classical trophy displayed above the fireplace or a framed small antlers with decorative fabric flowers to display a beautiful and artistic image of an animal. Or make an accent wall using jungle animals wallpaper featuring your favorite ferocious creatures that would reflect that wondrous atmosphere in your room.

Add flavor into your home by framing some images of local places or people.. it is recommended to pick images that emphasize emotions. In addition to these, a simple space with sophisticated and delicate appearance would look great with an abstract painting. An abstract canvas print that focuses on color or texture can be a great focal point of a living room, especially if it contrasts the color of the walls.

For you to be able to achieve true harmony in a room, all design elements should be able to complement each other. Try to avoid matching elements to everything else. Shapes, textures, materials and colors should be carefully selected.

Balance can be achieved in eclectic design with wall art. In this case, over sized painting of a framed picture is ideal to bring together everything else in the room. In addition to these, over sized paintings and wall art are used in modern and conemporary interior designs to complete décor which is minimalistic and austere. For example, a simple dining room with black and white design, clean lines and no unnecessary elements.

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