A stem is one of two basic structural axes of a vascular plant, the other one is the root. It is the main means of support for leaves, flowers, and fruits. It brings water and absorbeRead mored elements to the roots and the shoots, in the xylem and phloem, it stockpiles nutrients and is responsible for the creation of new living tissue. The stem is an essential component in the life-sustaining structures of a plant. Photowall pays tribute to this helpful and beautiful wonder of nature with its own line of stems canvas prints. These stems canvas prints feature stems of all shapes and sizes, hanging on every kind of plant imaginable. Hang a few of these stems canvas prints in your living room and turn the space into a virtual garden or greenhouse. Feel the freshness and bounty of nature with these amazing stems canvas prints around you. Your family and friends will appreciate you filling your home with these stems canvas prints, and will find ever more imaginative ways to linger in your living room. You may also position these stems canvas prints in your recreational rooms to further enhance the atmosphere of calm and increase the fun factor in this space. These stems canvas prints will be a surefire hit in your home.

Essential in stems canvas prints

But stems are not just an indispensable appendage of a plant or a tree. They can also serve as a symbol of growth and new life. Likewise, the withering of stems during autumn can symbolize the end of things and can fill us with melancholy and nostalgic emotions. Even poets, minstrels, and scribes have been inspired to do their greatest work with the image of stems drying on a tree. Photowall gives you something to ponder with “Alliums and Heleniums”, “Birds heights-Cocoa”, and “Birds heights-Pearly” in its amazing collection of stems canvas prints. These examples of stems canvas prints showcase the more common scenarios where we can view stems in nature. Hang a few of these stems canvas prints in your lounging areas to give the space an arboreal and natural air. The color alone will help you relax and can soothe away all your cares for the day. Sit with a glass of lemonade on your favorite chaise lounge and simply allow yourself to get lost in the placid and tranquil beauty of these stems canvas prints. Put on some music to complete the fantasy of being in the deep woods.

Connective in stems canvas prints

A lot of creatures in nature rely on stems for protection and shelter. A caterpillar will reside on a stem until it is able to enter its chrysalis stage and break free to become a beautiful butterfly. Animals who use protective camouflage as a form of defense will often take the form of a stem or a twig to conceal themselves from their natural predators. If the stem or branch is big enough, even human beings will take shelter under it during episodes of rain. In the military, one of the skills taught to soldiers on forest survival is to gather the water that trickles from broken stems, so that they will have enough to drink. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Birds heights”, “Tulips Arrangement”, and “Papaver Party” in its wonderful collection of stems canvas prints. These stems canvas prints not only feature stems but also the animals that depend on them for survival. Display a few of these splendid stems canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as if you’re falling asleep in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by foliage and lush vegetation. These stems canvas prints will give you the best sleep you’ve ever had in a long time.

Organic and elemental

The great classical composer, Ludwig Von Beethoven, was deaf and mute at birth. That is why it is such a miracle that, despite these limitations, he was able to create some of the most beautiful symphonies and melodic pieces in music. It is said that he would sit for hours in the forest, and look at the stillness of stems and branches as they hung from trees. Their very visage of permanence and aura of peace is what inspired him to create the masterpieces that we enjoy today. Photowall seeks to inspire you as well with “Dandelion”, “Magnolia Flowers”, and “Meadow Flowers-Pink” in its brilliant collection of stems canvas prints. These stems canvas prints feature the more robust and bountiful facets of this noble part of the plant. Strategically position these stems canvas prints in your hallways to give the space a feel of fresh woodland after the rain. You will make the chore of moving from room to room become an exercise in beholding beauty after beauty. Let these wonderful stems canvas prints bring Mother Nature into the walls of your fine urban abode. Freshness and bounty will live in your home with these stems canvas prints.
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