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Boat and the Balloon - Wallpaper - Kids Room




Marika Maijala

Early 2019, Marika Maijala spent 3 months as artist-in-residence in Paris, Cité des Arts. The time in Paris was important for Marika Maijala as an artist. Illustration has been MarikaRead more's passion for more than 15 years, and most work has been with children’s book illustration. The influence of the never-sleeping metropol and artists coming from all parts of the world and all disciplins of art in Cité woke up new feelings in Marika. She found out that she can create in so many other ways also – music, words, performance. 

Marika was very inspired by the colors, parks and gardens of spring time Paris, as well as the river Seine and its river boats, which made their way slowly through the city. Drawings and sketches Marika made during those months became important part of this collection. The boy in the balloon is dedicated to Marika's godson, who dreams about arriving in Paris in a balloon.

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