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Design your own wallpaper here. It's easy. All you need to do is upload a photo or illustration in any image file format. Then enter your specific measurements and pick a wallpaper maRead moreterial. Once your order is placed, we’ll print your wallpaper and ship it within 1–4 business days. Wallpaper Paste Included.

How to Create Wallpaper from Your Image

Did you know that you can create your very own wallpaper with a high-res image and a little creativity? You can choose any motif you like. Simply upload an image (JPG, TIF, EPS or PDF) in the highest quality and resolution possible. If you are unsure if the image resolution is high enough, simply click “I need assistance" after uploading the image and we'll review it free of charge before you place your order. We'll get back to you within three business days. If you want to order straight away, enter your measurements, crop the image, and choose a material – all in the same manner as when ordering a motif from our range of wallpaper.


Using the “I need assistance” option when you upload your image is free of charge and is not considered an order. Simply describe what you need and enter your contact information and our expert photo editors will get back to you within three business days with a reply telling you whether the image is printable, what changes are possible and the price.

How much does a wallpaper from my own image cost?

The price of a unique and personal wallpaper varies depending on what material you chose. If you would like to see the total amount, you can enter your measurements below and the cost of each of our materials will be displayed.

Our Photo Editors Are Here to Help

Our expert photo editors are here to help if you would like to change your image. They can change the colors or dimensions and even remove an object that seems out of place. Select “I need assistance” and describe the image changes you want and we'll get back to you within three business days. Please be as detailed as possible when describing how you want us to edit your image. It’s completely free to send an inquiry —we'll get back to you with a quote and inform you of what changes are possible first.

What size should my image be?

Bear in mind it’s only possible to print your photo or illustration as a wall mural if the image is at least one pixel per half inch of wallpaper. This means that the image must be at least 4000 x 2500 pixels if you want to order a wall mural that is 157.5 x 98.5 inches. When uploading your image remember that it should be an image file, not a text file, to maintain the image quality.

What images can I use to create my own wall mural?

Family photos, pictures of nature, illustrations and vacation photos—you can upload whatever pictures you like and create your own unique motif. If you can’t find your own image to print as wallpaper, look for one from stock photo agency Dreamstime. We’re happy to help. Simply email Customer Service with the image ID number.

How can I be creative with my walls?

We see a wall as a blank canvas and an opportunity to create the right mood for the whole room with a unique wallpaper. But sometimes even our wide range of colorful, simple and graphic wallpaper motifs may not be exactly what you were looking for. Maybe you want your wall to be black as night? Or show off a pattern you drew yourself? Or perhaps a collage to remind you of your grandchildren every day? A wall with your favorite proverb is sure to inspire or, perhaps wallpaper with a lush jungle scene you captured on vacation. Are you having trouble picking only one color and would like a two-tone color combination instead? Or maybe a horizontal pattern instead of a vertical one? With Photowall, the possibilities are endless. Your tailor-made wallpaper will give your walls a new look and mood that tells your own personal story.

Which wallpaper quality should I choose?

Whether you upload your own image or choose a motif from our vast range, you are free to choose the wallpaper quality that suits you best. Our wallpaper is printed on nonwoven material, in standard or premium quality. The material is durable and environmentally friendly. The difference is that an extra layer has been applied to the premium material, giving the wallpaper an extra-matte finish and anti-reflective properties, and making it wipeable with cleaning products—perfect for parents with small children, photos and in public spaces.
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We can edit your image

Would you like to switch colors, add objects or change the dimensions of your image? Our expert photo editors can adapt your image in a variety of ways. Just tell us what you want and we'll get back to you in 1–3 business days with a price and tell you what changes we can make. Get your free, no obligation quote today.

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What range of measurements can I choose from when ordering wallpaper from my own image?

Our wall murals are tailor-made to your specific measurements so they can fit walls and spaces of all sizes and formats.

What should be the size and format of my image?

When uploading your image, we recommend that the image have at least 10 pixels per half inch of the print. If you are unsure about the resolution of the image, then we can help you check it before placing your order. Upload your image, scroll down and click 'Edit image' for free assistance. You can upload images up to 1 GB in size. Send larger images to Customer Service using a file transfer service We accept all image file formats.

Can I order proofs?

You can order up to three proofs free of charge. Email Customer Service with your image, desired material and address.

What is margin of error for assembly?

Ceilings and walls are not always straight, so we recommend ordering your mural with a margin of error of 2.5-4 inches in both height and width. You won’t be able to buy a roll or strips separately because the murals are custom-printed to your measurements. This means that the entire wall mural order must be placed on the same purchase to ensure that the pattern will fit and the colors will match.

Can you help me with my image and how long will it take until I receive a reply?

If you need help checking the resolution or making changes to your image, scroll down and click 'Edit image' after you have uploaded your image. We will respond in 1–3 working days.

What are my delivery and payment options?

Delivery and payment information can be found on the page about our general terms and conditions of purchase.

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Your order is shipped in 1–4 days and shipping is always free. Wallpaper Paste Included.

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