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Jonna Jinton

Many people dream about packing up everything and moving out to the peace and quiet of the countryside, and that’s exactly what Swedish blogger, photographer, and artist Jonna Jinton Read moredid. She started taking photos as a teenager, and it was the atmosphere and natural scenery of northern Sweden that inspired her. Self-taught, Jonna Jinton shows the natural world from her own unique artistic perspective. Her photos and the Northern Wilderness wallpaper collection reflect this dreamlike landscape and its subtle changes during the four seasons in the northern regions of our incredible country.

Space to breathe, think, and feel

Jonna Jinton’s Northern Wilderness wallpaper collection contains the stillness of barren landscapes and the harmony of silent, vast winter scenes. The mystery of glassy lakes shrouded in mist and the inspiration afforded by the northern lights and magnificent starry skies. In Johnna Jinton’s wallpapers, nature is in control. No high-rises, shopping centres, or motorways (not even gravel roads), as far as the eye can see. Here you have space to breathe, think, and feel. Jonna’s wallpapers are perfect for those who want to feel and create harmony in their homes. Total harmony is attained when the scenery is contemplated in the way that Jonna Jinton approaches it – on nature’s own terms.

Let the nature images in the Northern Wilderness collection bring a magical atmosphere to your home

Many of the photos in the wallpaper collection were taken in the far north of Sweden, in places like Stekenjokk, Abisko, and Stora Sjöfallet. Let the nature images in the Northern Wilderness collection bring a magical atmosphere to your home, with motifs such as “Celestial Dream”, “Stories of the ancient forest” and “A magical place”. All these images have been taken at Jonna Jinton’s favourite place, a forest lake in the middle of the woods, where the mists dance from morning until evening. Jonna has spent countless hours by this pond, but she had never experienced a morning as magical as this one in particular. For Jonna, this site has been a magical place where she goes when she needs inspiration. She calls this place the “Magical Forest Pond”. You will also be inspired by it. Bring a magical atmosphere into your home with these wallpapers, and feel a sense of affinity with another passionate lover of nature.

Transform the chaos of everyday living into art in your living room

It is easy to let the chaos of everyday life creep into one of the rooms we use most, namely the living room. But what we call chaos often reflects who we are and the life we are living. Transform the chaos of everyday living into art in your living room. Let a harmonious wall mural with a gentle dawning over proud treetops be the background, and everything will fall into place. Let the endless views over the barren, untouched nature in Jonna Jinton’s photos show that the untamed is also the most beautiful, and that the lack of perfect order gives birth to inspiration and passion. When everyday life, with all its demands, feels overpowering, lift your gaze above the treetops and stare out into the universe with the aid of Jonna Jinton’s wallpapers.

Invite nature into your home

The Nordic landscape is fascinatingly beautiful and has been a great inspiration to the minimalist Nordic style of interior design. In the Northern Wilderness collection, you will find 30 wallpapers with images of nature that will suit all homes and styles of decor. Let morning mist over crystal clear lakes, naked mountain landscapes, and the subtle changes of nature during the course of the seasons give your decor a lift. Invite nature into your home! Magnificent northern lights on a dark autumn evening and a still lake reflecting the magic of the twilight sky, listen to nature and you will see a sense of harmony appear in your interior design.

The wallpapers in Northern Wilderness are perfect for the bedroom

Never before has a wallpaper collection breathed with such stillness and respect, both for nature and for humankind’s place in it, as in Jonna Jinton’s collection of moving photographs. The wallpapers in Northern Wilderness are perfect for the bedroom, where they will give you rest for the night and strength to begin a new day. The fog is dense over mossy ground in ancient pine forests, the sun slowly thawing the frostbitten birch trees – regardless of which view you prefer, you can be sure that it will transmit a sense of harmony. One of the understated, proud winter images in the collection could be the perfect choice for your bedroom. Not so much colour, not so much movement, but all the more feeling for precisely that reason. Or perhaps you, like Jonna herself, find the most inspiration in the bewitching John Baueresque forests. Either way, you are welcome in Jonna Jinton’s magical world to choose your own favourite wallpaper from the natural landscape of Sweden.

Let the wallpapers from Northern Wilderness reflect your personality

If you are a dreamer, you can allow yourself to be inspired by the carefree reindeer in “Free Spirits” or let your imagine run to the sun’s haze through the fog of treetops in “Morning Meditation”. Let the wallpapers from the Northern Wilderness collection reflect your personality. If you are a bit of a romantic, you can set the right mood with the endless promises of the glassy lake in “The lake of Love” or allow your passion to be reflected in the iridescent pink twilight in the “Reflections” wallpaper. The adventurer can add some excitement to her or his home with untouched nature or cast off earthly limitations and set the bar with the magnificent starry sky in the “Universe” wall mural, which offers pink, blue, violet, green, and all the hues in between in a single perfect harmony. Jonna Jinton’s wallpaper collection offers something for everyone.
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