Martin Bergström

Martin Bergström

Martin Bergström is a Swedish textile artist and fashion creator, educated in Stockholm and Berlin. He is known for his imaginative designs and creations, almost always containing moRead moretifs from the plant kingdom. Martin Bergström's universe is a fairytale world where the beautiful can be dangerous and the ugly contains an unexpected beauty - magical adventures with nature as an enchanted scene. Photowall has collaborated with Martin on several occasions where he has created fantastic patterns for all the walls in the room. Through countless layers of thin film of color, dramaturgical backgrounds and structures have been created. These have now got their very own collection - Arcadia. Arcadia is like an extension of the Flora Hysterica collections, but here the backgrounds must be at the center. Martin describes the Arcadia collection as a strange and poetic world. A place to be loved and embraced by. To find comfort in.

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Already at the age of three, Martin Bergström knew The Nordic Flora by heart and the fascination for flowers has ever since been present and permeated Martin's artistry.

With a flora as a constant companion, botany has gilded Martin Bergström's existence throughout his life. Martin uses refined scanning technology to combine his age-dried flowers from the 19th-century treasure chest with dozens of layers of color, and with emotional precision merges everything into dramatic works of art.

Each flower is carefully selected and contrasts well with the exclusive background. There is an updated glow through all motifs in the collection, the motifs have gained substance and dynamic, and there is greater focus on the flowers and the details of the dried plants.

The designs in the collection are suitable for both small rooms and large-scale environments. This time, all motifs are available as wallpaper, canvas, poster and framed paintings. With motifs like March Marigold containing the plant Marsh-marigold and Alchemilla Vulgaris consisting of dewdrops, Martin Bergström once again allows us to be enchanted by the beauty around us and gives us the opportunity to create a strong and safe world wherever we need it.

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