The Raspberry Garden Bright - Wallpaper - close-up

Saga Mariah Design

Saga-Mariah Sandberg (born 1983) is a Swedish artist and illustrator whose work draws from scenes in nature. Her vibrant and lifelike illustrations are painted by hand, usually with wRead moreatercolours, pencils, or ink, although in any medium her work is distinguished by her impressive technical ability.
Each pattern in the wallpaper collection is characterized by a meticulous reproduction of the colour and forms found in Nordic nature. Saga-Mariah’s work has been exhibited in cities such as New York and Berlin and she has worked as an illustrator for several Swedish brands. Her incredible artwork has been featured in many forms such as botanical posters, postcards, and patterned fabrics — and now as a premier wallpaper collection at Photowall.

As a child, Saga-Mariah grew up on a farm in Värmland where her family spent many hours out exploring the nearby woods; it was here that her penchant for nature formed and took hold. Early on she started with drawings of various plants, fungi, animals and insects, taking great care to draw everything that she found in her environment. By the age of ten she began an apprenticeship with a traditional artist to learn the basics of painting; since then she has continued in her work and is constantly inspired to depict nature's majestic beauty and sheer diversity.

The DAWN CHORUS collection — a nature-inspired wallpaper pattern

Photowall is proud to introduce the series that Saga-Mariah Sandberg has made for the brand, an exciting collection of wallpapers known as DAWN CHORUS. The collection consists of eight nature-inspired wallpaper patterns, designs full of those telltale signs that mark the turn of the seasons: the first bloom of flowers or the burgeoning trees, those nascent symbols we long to see in the forests and gardens that herald the coming of spring. The collection's title DAWN CHORUS refers specifically to the song of the birds in the morning, one of the most anticipated and symbolic signs of the season.

Each wallpaper pattern corresponds to a specific site in nature

Each of the patterns in Saga-Mariah Sandberg's DAWN CHORUS wallpaper collection corresponds to a specific scene in nature and represents the plant and animal life unique to that locale. The Skogsgläntan (The Forest Meadow) pattern, for instance, represents a Swedish spruce forest glade in the throes of spring, full of its distinctive plant and animal life: flowering violets, blue anemones, lily of the valley, linnéa flowers, Polyommatini, and thrush eggs are all essential features of its natural state. The Mossträdgården (The Moss Garden) pattern, on the other hand, was inspired by old school posters from Saga-Mariah Sandberg's youth. With this design she endeavoured to awaken the budding curiosity of children and adults to take in and explore the beauty of Nordic nature and the exciting life that flourishes there. Mossträdgården depicts a deciduous forest or something like a shaded garden, places where you can find bracken, ferns, and moss in abundance and whose presence attracts all sorts of animals and insects that thrive there.

Saga-Mariah Sandberg invites us to experience nature and to know our world

Saga-Mariah Sandberg’s nature-inspired wallpaper patterns go beyond reminding us of the richness and beauty of the land and its myriad bounties — it also reminds us of the importance of actually getting out there to experience nature, to really get to know the natural world around us. Saga-Mariah Sandberg’s art inspires us to go out into the woods, to delve into the land, to see for ourselves the rich abundance of life and the diversity of species that deserve our respect and need our protection.
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