Vivid line drawings and glowing watercolors in the new Travel Stories by Stina Wirsén

She is one of Sweden's most beloved illustrators and writers whose inimitable style is appreciated by both young and old.

What's Your Story

Among other things, Stina Wirsén is recognizable from illustrations in Swedish daily press and for having written and illustrated the children's book series Brokiga and Vem?. Over the years, Stina has received a number of different awards for her works and has been a contributing force to the illustration gaining a stronger position in the Swedish daily press. As an illustrator, Stina Wirsén alternates well between genres such as fashion, literature and psychology. Her artistic work extends far and wide to consist of works such as stamps, public art and tile paintings, among many other things.

In 2019, Stina Wirsén together with Photowall created the Travel the World collection, a collection of line drawings depicting haute couture and street fashion from different parts of the world. Stina has also had quite a few watercolor motifs at Photowall, but the two worlds - the line line drawings and the watercolors - have not met until now.

The flourishing collaboration between Stina Wirsén and Photowall continues with the new Travel Stories collection, which merges Stina's characteristic fashion drawings with city illustrations, and fuses the powerful line drawings with the glowing watercolors.

New York City

Travel Stories took shape in conversations about human travel, about how the world changes during the pandemic and how the future will be, about politics and about how the world is actually slowly changing for the better, and about having to hold on to the good and beautiful for to be able to fight on.

The city's streets have never been as deserted as during the pandemic's lock downs and it has become so clear that people are the city's pulse. People and fashion affect the cityscape and how we experience each other. In a skyline, the city's buildings can be seen, but in Stina's cityscapes, people can also claim space Stina's cities are full of people, places we recognize and details we remember.

People, places and details form short stories. What faded into a fleeting memory for one person may have been a defining moment for another. Our travels are the highlights of our experiences, stories we share, memories we share and so on.

The Hat

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