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Can’t-miss tips for hosting your wedding reception at home – Part 2 of our Wedding Special

Fly off and get married – then come home and celebrate with your loved ones. Follow these tips to transform your wedding celebration into a truly delightful party – at home. But have in mind these useful takeaways when you get married in another country.

The lettering is created by the wallpaper motif Botany Banana by Lemon

Get the Home Simplicity look

Invite your friends and family behind the scenes of your home and show them your personal style. Start simple by designing a digital invitation to your reception and then use it to invite guests on Facebook. Organise a clothes swap session with your friends to combine finding the perfect dress with the fun of making wallpaper pennants – or create a photo backdrop with your favourite wallpaper to create the look we like to call Home Simplicity. Our favourite wallpaper to use for this style are Berries Rose by Andreas EngesvikLinen Blue by Lemon and Sycamore by Iwa Herdensjö

Our best advice for your wedding celebration – at home!

♦ Use what you have to decorate. Everything from porcelain, vases and other festive finery.

♦ If you have a garden, decorate the tables with some freshly cut flowers and green sprigs.

♦ Create a playlist and then share it with the guests in advance so they can add their own favourites.

♦ Rent a food truck for late-night nosh when the party carries on into the wee hours.

♦ Also, have a think about whether you have any extra places to sleep, like an extra bed or even a sofa. Or perhaps a                  neighbour has an extra space that guests who have a long way to travel could use to overnight instead.

wallpaper crafts and decorations

DIY wallpaper crafts and table decorations

Crafting decorations with wallpaper for your wedding reception is both fun and easy and gives a more personal touch. Use wallpaper left over from a renovation or else wallpaper samples. We made decorations from Botany BananaSpeckle and Linen by Lemon, and from Fruta do Dragão by Iwa Herdensjö. 

Photo backdrop made with wallpaper Linen Pink and Grey by Lemon and the bride Nora.

Our best crafting tips:

♦ Make your own lettering for signs. Draw the letters on the back of the motif and then cut out. Use the letters to write out directions, label rooms, create a menu or even list the evening’s activities.

♦ Set the tables with origami swans made from wallpaper at each place setting.

♦ Photo backdrops – it’s quick and easy to create spectacular backdrops for the photos of the big event by cutting out and vertically hanging wallpaper garlands of small, cascading circles and rectangles.

♦ Create hats and cut out amusing mouth and moustache shapes to make your photos even more fun.

♦ Create table decorations in the shape of diamonds by following our simple guide.

Table decorations made with Linen Pink wallpaper

Creative activity ideas for a fun home party

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find games that are fun for everyone. Start by thinking about what you and your friends are interested in. If they like music, then it might be fun to hold a dance contest in the living room to your favourite tunes. If history is your thing, create a unique historical walk around your garden with mini-quizzes dotted along the way containing amusing little puzzles and riddles. Or why not set up a canvas next to the drinks table where guests can paint messages of congratulations and love to the happy couple? 

Canvas print with love greetings from the guests.
Lettering for the living room-dancing, created from the wallpaper motif Fruta do Dragão by Iwa Herdensjö.

Three handy takeaways for getting married abroad

♦ Enquire about certain practicalities in the country you want to get married in before booking. In some countries, you’ll need to have stayed there for couple days prior to the ceremony, and in other countries, at least one of the couple may be required to be a resident of the region. Contact the embassy for advice and assistance.

♦ And don’t forget to enquire about what you’ll need to bring with you for the ceremony. This may vary depending on whether you have a church wedding in the country in which one of you is a resident or if you have a civil wedding following the country’s local marriage laws.

♦ Before setting off, contact the officiant who will preside over the marriage ceremony to set a time and get more information.

Or, at many airports you could even get married before departure and then celebrate with a wonderful honeymoon before the party. 

Linen Pink and Marble Landscape

Trending: Photo above features chic diamonds from Linen and Marble Landscape wallpapers by Lemon

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