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Make an autumnal and stylish garland of wallpaper

A garland can easily freshen up your home and give a personal touch to the interior. This variant with autumn leaves immediately sets a cozy atmosphere and welcomes autumn.

Paper and wallpaper garlands can be made in several different shapes and designs. It's a simple DIY that anyone can do. Today I thought I would show you how to make an autumn garland by folding different autumn leaves in the autumn trend wallpapers. Also take note of the pleated trend by folding many repetitive folds. A nice effect that gives life to a wallpaper that is otherwise one-dimensional. Once you have made your leaves, you can easily put them together into a long garland and decorate any room or why not lay out as a decoration on a set table. Let the imagination flow!


What you need:

  • Wallpaper
  • Ruler
  • Scalpel or scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or glue gun
  • Thin steel wire
  • Pliers
  • Folding legs or the shaft of a spoon (this is so that you can make straight and nice folds, but is not a must)



You can make leaves in all possible shapes and sizes. And it really does not have to be exact or perfect. Start from the three shapes in the picture. But my tip is to vary the size of them so you get a more vibrant garland.


Cut or cut out and fold an accordion fold as in the picture.


Attach a steel wire at the bottom and fold the leaves with the longest sides towards each other. Glue or tape together. You get the best results with double-sided adhesive tape. You get the fastest result with a glue gun. Use what you have at home.


Then make a long garland with your leaves by twisting them into a long garland.


If you want to do something other than a garland, you can either have the leaves one by one as decoration. Or why not make a door wreath out of them by attaching all the leaves to something that can act as a base? Here, everything works from an ordinary wreath frame to a dry cleaning hanger that you pull out and make round. A nice autumn wreath to hang on any wall or door.

The wallpapers used for the garland are Adobe Boho, Flora Novel - Brown, Weave IIII, Air - Mountain Breath and Plateau.


Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.

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