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Tips for the best-styled nursery

The best decor for a nursery is made by you. Create pennants, mobiles, wall decorations and hot air balloons. Best of all: So much can be done just with wallpaper. Here are two easy DIY decorations you can make all by yourself to personalize any nursery.

Create unique hot air balloons with wallpaper. All you need is your favourite wallpaper, glue, scissors and thread:

Hot air balloons made with Marble Nude wallpaper designed by Lilesadi.

Step 1: Cut out round balls. You will need four for each balloon you plan to make.
Step 2: Fold three balls in the middle, and put glue on one half.
Step 3: Glue one of them to a flat ball. Now one half is glued, while the other half sticks straight up.
Step 4: Glue on another ball the same way. But glue it to the other half of the flat ball.
Step 5: Glue the third ball between the other two.
Step 6: Cut out shapes that resemble a flowerpot for the basket, with a straight top surface. Cut just one for each balloon.
Step 7: Cut two threads and glue them to the back of the balloon and the basket.
Step 8: Repeat the steps until you have as many hot air balloons as you like. Attach another thread on the back to hang your balloon like a pennant. 

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Create pennants out of wallpaper for your children’s room. All you need is your favourite wallpaper, glue, scissors and thread.    

Pennants made with Merry Maritime Map wallpaper designed by Gustaf Öhrnell.

Step 1: Draw a shape in the form of two triangles that are attached and use it as a template for the pennants.
Step 2: Copy the template as many times as you need for the number of pennants you want.
Step 3: Cut the shapes according to the template, but don’t separate the triangles!
Step 4: Take a long thread or string (don’t cut it yet!) and fold the pennants over the string. For best results, use double-sided tape on the back of the pennant.
Step 5: When you are happy with the number of pennants, cut the string. 

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A new way to wallpaper

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Test the limits of your imagination when wallpapering a nursery. A door, a closet and the ceiling over the bed can be wallpapered. Try combining motifs to create rooms within the room. You can create your children’s fantasy world out of bright patterns and playful motifs for their eyes to feast on and for their imaginations to take flight. 

In the picture, we combined the Berries Rose design by Andreas Engesvik with Marble 2.0 Nude from Lilesadi for a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and playful. 

Items in interior by Maze Interior and Garbo and Friends.

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