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Fish Tank - Framed print - Living Room




Putting up an image of an animal or animals gives your space more life. Photowall's animals framed prints feature many different kinds of critters, where all you have to do is pick Read morethe one which suits your design for the room the most. As plenty of animals subcategories await, so is the variety of uniquely patterned motifs for a grander design and your liking. Whether you are looking for animals framed prints that will make you feel as though you are a part of a nature scene, or your taste befits more to artistic and whimsical images, our selection of animals framed prints has something that is sure to appeal to you and your overall design.

Bring the nature with animals framed prints

If you have you ever wished you could swim with dolphins or see sharks in their natural habitat, you have come to right place. Perhaps you are fascinated more by Africa’s savanna zebras, giraffes, elephants and lions or even especially drawn to North American animals. Browse through our range of stunning animals framed prints. These are images that have been captured with such intricate detail that it creates a feeling of such realism, that you can almost reach out and touch the creatures. If you long to experience your own call of the wild, you will no doubt want to see the animals framed prints we have on hand. There is a stunning image of a bull moose standing in a stream, for example. An animals framed print like Red Deer Stag can definitely do the trick of giving your room a whole new vibe.

Domestic bliss

Not everyone’s idea of animals includes truly wild animals. Even domestic ones have a wild streak in them, as our animals framed prints featuring photos of cats and kittens will demonstrate to you. Our pets are part of the extended family, so it makes sense to put up portraits of your favorites in your spaces. To personalise your design and see how it would look in reverse, simply click on your selection and then select "Mirror Image." Having pets as your animals framed prints, you can set a mood for a particular space and then add in artwork such as drawings, photographs or paintings. However, when you decide to choose a framed print for an interior, you skip over having to make a lot of decisions about coordinating several elements to create a specific vibe. Our animals framed prints feature photographs, drawings and paintings from all sorts of categories. Photowall's designs for each animals framed print can be customised to your specifications as well.

Fly away with animals framed prints

Animals framed prints featuring images of birds can be anything from soothing to flashy, depending on the images you choose. Our assemblage runs the gamut from simple line drawings to geometric designs to bright watercolours and more. We even have a special section devoted entirely to owls! Check out Great Horned Owl, a powerful and intense motif that can make your room come alive, no matter the ambiance of the space you are decorating. When outlining our bird designs from animals framed prints, we did not neglect flightless birds as we can offer delightful penguin drawings which are bright and cheerful, especially for children. You can easily see them squeal with joy over animals framed prints like Group of Emperor Penguin Chicks.

Under the sea

For people who are fans of animals that live under the sea, we provide high-quality animals framed prints with stunning photographs. These come in black and white ink or coloured drawings, as well as vibrant paintings of jellyfish, clown fish, dolphins and various other types of undersea inhabitants. Coral Scene - Panorama is a beautiful example of this, showcasing the beauty we can find beneath the sea. We also have an animals framed print of a large manta ray for nature lovers who want a unique look for a teen’s bedroom or an office, giving it a feral yet elegant look. For the more artistically inclined, you can use something like Orca Dawn, a beautiful rendering of one of nature's apex predators.

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