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Rabbits & Rodents

Even though there is a fundamental distinction between rabbits and rodents, these animals are great survivors and popular pets. Rabbits and some rodents are undeniably adorable, espRead moreecially when little. Photowall has also made them the subject of great, high-quality and unique rabbits & rodents framed prints. Use these critters as the focal point in perhaps a children's room, as they are very beloved by the younger kids. Or how about more sophisticated rabbits & rodents framed prints in the hallway or even a meeting room at the office? The impressive style and design will not only catch the eye and attention of any guests you have over, but also maybe stir up conversation and debate. You can never go wrong with rabbits & rodent framed prints since you have the convenient option of giving your own adjustments when it comes to all these motifs, in particular regarding your own interior design and colour scheme.

A preference for rabbits & rodents framed prints

We all have a weakness for cute things, especially if they are alive. These affable rabbits & rodents framed prints are just further proof of that notion. Kids often squeal with delight whenever they encounter a cute and adorably fluffy creature. This is why rabbits & rodents framed prints come highly recommended for kids' bedroom, study areas and play space. They will surely be delighted to see these cute mammals displayed on their walls. Calm and soft colours bring more relaxation, comfort and a fun feel to the room. It is not irritating to the eyes because these motifs do not contain garish colours that may not be suitable for a child’s room. Fluffy Rabbit is an ideal example of this, displaying a natural scene where a rabbit looks surprised and thus can create a lively emotion, while not being overwhelming.

Establishing the difference

Let us determine the actual difference between a rabbit and a rodent. It is important to know that rabbits are not rodents, even when it comes to the topic of rabbits & rodents framed prints. The primary disparity between them is in the teeth. Although both have an indeterminate growth in their incisors, rabbits have two sets of top incisors, while rodents have just the singular one. Secondly, these two classes of mammals have digestive differences. Rabbits and rodents both do eat plant matter, but rabbits are more likely to be obligate herbivores whereas many rodents are omnivores and the grasshopper mouse, for example, is almost entirely predatory. Last but not least, rabbits tend to have very short tails, while many rodents have long tails. This also has to be taken into consideration when choosing the right rabbits & rodents framed prints, especially when it comes to picking one for your child.

Variety in rabbits & rodents framed prints

Photowall is big on having diversity in its categories. This is also why rabbits & rodents framed prints has been carefully arranged into two smaller tiers, logically named Rabbits and Rodents. In both categories you will find motifs with their individual charm, but a common thread of having unique designs, rich details, beautiful colour schemes and in some cases, a deeper meaning. Furthermore, rabbits & rodents framed prints contains real life photographs like Squirrels Running on Log that will make you feel like you are right within the vicinity of these critters. There are also works of art that reveal a more meaningful connotation, such as in the piece entitled Erin Rabbit. This beautiful illustration gives the central subject character and a personality, with a simple yet powerful design. Any young lady would be delighted to have this as the focal point of her room's interiors.
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