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Graffiti Shape - Framed print - Living Room



Graffiti & Street Art

Even though there has sometimes been a considerable debate about whether or not graffiti and street art qualifies as actual art, we at Photowall classify it as such. Our selection oRead moref high quality graffiti & street art framed prints is proof of that. It is an essential art form of the modern urban age and self-expression of the younger generations. The unique designs and vibrant colours in graffiti & street art framed prints will reflect that passionately. Furthermore, you also have the option of altering these items to match or contrast with your existing interior design, the overall aesthetic and colour schemes. No matter if the room is residential, recreational or even corporate, you can give it tremendous style and character with graffiti & street framed prints by Photowall.

The art of the unseen

The main thing about street art is that, since it is considered illegal in a lot of place, it is most often done in places that are hard to reach, or at least places where you cannot do everything out in the open. Street artists are often all go unseen, maintaining an anonymity that might afford them fame, but ironically never in the sense that they get to enjoy that fame. Graffiti is in its own and unique way, one of the purest expressions of the heart, and like most true things, is often found in places both hidden and unexpected. Share this deep sentiment with a motif that will combine conversation and décor perfectly? in the form of graffiti & street art framed prints.

Graffiti & street art framed prints individuality

This kind of art is not just limited to what is scrawled in public places and on the walls of the underground. It is an artform with rules just like any other, and to its practitioners and their audience, perhaps all the more precious because after all, most graffiti is removed fairly quickly by authorities. A strange and unique energy permeates through graffiti, much like you will see in graffiti & street art framed prints. The world’s most famous graffiti and street artist, known only as Banksy, has a rather unique reputation. Nobody knows Banksy’s real name or where exactly he came from, but they do know his art. A framed print of a piece of street art also has to speak for itself, because it cannot rest on the reputation of the artist, which is what makes graffiti & street art framed prints so flexible and solitary.

An art that speaks

When you look at pieces of graffiti or street art in just the right way, you realise that what you initially thought was just random colours and shapes, are actually words and phrases. Many pieces of street art are just words, scrawled over each other in a way that seems haphazard, until all you see is a blur that suddenly coalesces into a concrete message. Whether it is names or poems written over and across each other, the art in this case is the message, as you will see in graffiti & street art framed prints. In many ways, this can even be considered the modern equivalent of calligraphy. If you look at the calligraphy of old, the message was the art, and the art was the message. Both of them together, became something almost transcendental and all the more meaningful. Check out graffiti & street art framed prints like Hip Hop Graffiti or Music Love Graffiti to see what we are talking about.

The attitude in graffiti & street art framed prints

Since street artists work outside the boundaries of the traditional art scene, they are often willing to take risks with their work that no traditional artist would even consider. They can go primal, using combinations of colour and forms to say whatever their message of the moment is, without worrying about the implications of whether it will sell, or whether it will be understood. It is a personal act, despite being so public, and a glimpse of the spirit of a city, town or neighbourhood. When you get graffiti & street art framed prints from Photowall's collection, what you are also getting is a snapshot of the spirit of a place at one moment in time. Graffiti Gateway in Berlin 2 is a beautifully nostalgic example of that.

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