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Graphic Art

Graphic art is actually a broad range of visual artistic expressions. Essentially though, it refers to the arts that rely more on line or tone tan on colour, especially drawings andRead more the various forms of engravings. With Photowall's high quality lineup of graphic art framed prints, you can have one of the best ways to bring style and beauty into your interiors. Make your home, office or recreational space the place to be through the use of graphic art framed prints. Attractive, colourful and meaningful, these unique designs will captivate the hearts and minds of anyone who view them. Graphic art framed prints will show that you are bold, understand contemporary design and know that pretty pictures are not the only way to establish visual weight and interest in a space.

Amazing interiors with graphic art framed prints

Interior decorating is a fun and exciting activity that you can do with your family, friends or even colleagues. With graphic art framed prints, this can go even further as there is such a wide variety of options that you will be spoiled for choice. These motifs can definitely help you achieve a focal point that will captivate, allure, intrigue and generate genuine conversation. Photowall has conveniently arranged this category into a couple of smaller tiers, each with their unique designs and vibrant colour combinations. These are namely Geometric, Icons & Logos, Patterns, Posters and Typography. Here you will see brilliant items such as Mythical Map I, black and white, for example, which can turn any room into an area of exploration and adventure.

A little bit of history

Graphic art can actually be traced back to ancient times. For instance, the Egyptians used graphic symbols to communicate and this written form, as we know it today, was called hieroglyphs. During the Middle Ages, scribes manually copied the individual pages of manuscripts to maintain their sacred teachings. Afterwards, artists would insert drawings and decorations to enhance religious reading experience. These influences are all present in graphic art framed prints by Photowall. Even during the famed Renaissance Period, printed graphic art played a major role in the spread of classical learning in Europe. When film and television was invented, the concept of graphic art changed, and even more so when computers became the norm. It enabled artists to manipulate images in a way faster and easier way, permitting us to present you with this incredible array of graphic art framed prints.

Visual interest with graphic art framed prints

A graphic art framed print can instantly create appeal. There are items that have all the elements of traditional art but are rendered in what you can call a futuristic and bold manner. Graphic art framed prints like Takemybreathaway - Color will evoke a modern and youthful feeling, because the medium remains trendy and current when the content is relevant. Not only are they wonderful focal pieces, they are also the perfect tool to send a message and establish the atmosphere of a room. A graphic art framed print can invigorate a living space by setting the colour palette and dictating the room's style.

Having fun

Above all the aforementioned factors and tidbits, graphic art framed prints are just so much fun. They allow your imagination to run wild and free, but with a handy guide at your disposal. Graphic art framed prints can bring your fantasy and dreams to life. You can even make nostalgia an asset by getting motifs like Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan in your room. There is a multitude of graphic art framed prints that pay homage to the icons of yesterday. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another one of these particular items that can strike a chord with a generation. Use graphic art framed prints to express your affinity towards certain subject and give your room that crucial personal touch.

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