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Ufo - Sepia - Framed print - Kids Room



Astronomy & Space

There is no vaster and more exciting place than outer space, that is a fact. Photowall's wide variety of different space-themed motifs in the children category come from astronomy &Read more space framed prints. These fantastic images reveal the many incredible galaxies, constellations and planets which are just beyond our sight, but physically well out of reach. Aside from being so vast, space is also incredibly beautiful but its wonders are so far away that we often forget or neglect that they are even there at all. Bring some of the most fantastic sights and view of the universe right into your home with our collection of astronomy & space framed prints.

The planets in astronomy & space framed prints

When we were younger and in school, we all learned that the order of the planets at school is very interesting. However, the learning does not need to stop back then. You can pass on your knowledge and fascination with our solar system in the form of astronomy & space framed prints. Not only are these images beautiful and stylish, but can also act as the perfect educational tool, letting you know exactly how big each planet is relative to the others and how they orbit the sun, amongst other things. Learning will not get more fun than this, and it can all be done from the comfort of your child's bedroom, study area or play space. Set of Universe Infographics is a perfect astronomy & space framed print that illustrates these points.

Planetary exploration

We have all learned the order of the planets at school at some point in time. Exploring outer space has always been a fascination for human kind, but perhaps even more so for the young ones. We can all remember looking at the stars and wondering what is up there, when we were little. You can bring that enchantment with the universe and its unique planets into your home by acquiring astronomy & space framed prints for your children. Learning does not need to stop in school, because our motifs have items such as Set of Universe Infographics, an astronomy & space framed print which teaches your child exactly how big each planet is relative to the others and how they orbit the sun, amongst many other educational things. This kind of wall decoration will make learning fun and give the room a strong focal point in terms of visual weight, interest and balance. If your child is more insistent on the allure of being an astronaut, Astronaut in Space Sunset might just be the piece for him. It shows an astronaut on an unidentified planet exploring the immensity of this particular celestial body.

Locations for astronomy & space framed prints

It goes without saying that any child would be thrilled to have their room decorated with an astronomy & space framed print. There is something for every type of personality, whether they prefer the bright, bold colours of Space Odyssey, Solar System and Amazing Space, the beautiful muted tones of Stone Arch and the Milky Way, Near Space and Deep Space Nebula, or the calming blacks and whites of Lunar Vehicle on the Moon, Andromeda Galaxy and Stellar Field Nebulae. Astronomy & space framed prints also caters for all ages. Check out Space Age Buddy for a simple but exciting rocket ship print that will particularly appeal to younger kids. Budding scientists will love any of the detailed photographs in our astronomy & space framed prints range, while historians in the making can opt for memories of such unforgettable events as the lunar landing, with One Big Leap and Space Shuttle, amongst others.

Fantasy in this category

Let us not forget that space is also a place of imagination. Our selection of images truly reflects this and whether you are seeking a classic flying saucer picture with an aged sepia look or perhaps something more modern, we will have something suitably appealing for your interiors. Astronomy & space framed prints like UFO Fantasy will also appeal to teenagers or slightly older children. If you want even more edge and character, check out the motif entitled Space Knight. Let your children's imagination run wild and free, perhaps combining their love for space but also art.

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