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Neuschwanstein Disney Castle - Framed print - Bedroom




When it comes to finding a universal and lasting central theme for your child's room, you cannot go wrong with Disney framed prints. In its almost one hundred years of existence, DiRead moresney has made a massive number of films and shows, which have influenced pop culture and children for many decades. Photowall prides itself in having a beautifully selected collection of Disney framed prints that can make the decorative difference in any area. Prepare to sprinkle your kid's bedroom, study area or play space with enchanting dust and enable them to enter a world so magical that it even transforms adults back to children. Take a walk and encourage your child’s imagination with our Disney framed prints. Unique designs, rich details and amazing colours will let them live their fantasies and experience their dreams.

Making dreams come true

Every child has their own fantasy and any parent would want to help make their dreams come true, even in just the simplest ways. One of these ways can be by providing them a safe and creative space within the home. Develop and enhance their creativity by acquiring Disney framed prints by Photowall. We are all well aware that most kids live or at least enjoy the world of cartoons and fairy tales. As such, we surround them with toys and other decorative items that depict their favorite characters, which often come from Disney. Young girls especially have their preferred fairy tale princesses, as seen in many films and told in many night time stories. Disney framed prints will permit them to live out their fantasies of being said characters in a fun and simple manner. Make their imagination come alive with these fantastic Disney framed prints!

Disney framed prints for everyone

These motifs in our collection cater to almost any age, from the youngest toddler to the most moody of teenagers. As most have witnessed in one way or another, it is fun to look at kids do role play by talking to and about their favorite Disney characters and sometimes emulate them. This can be thought of as them playing with their imaginary friends, but in a helpful and creative manner. You should never forget that you were kids once and that you also enjoyed being surrounded by certain characters and figures, which have also shaped you in some aspect. Disney framed prints can certainly assist you in bestowing such good and proper values and morals to your child, or children. Whether it is an infant's first room, a toddler's play pad or a kid's study area, our lineup of Disney framed prints will lend it that extra style while also entertaining and relaxing the young ones.

Drawing inspiration

When people think of Disney, aside from its famous characters and figures, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic logo that features a truly stunning castle. It is interesting to know that the founder of the company, Walt Disney, was inspired by a 19th-century castle in Neuschwanstein with his wife while on vacation in Bavaria, which is a region in Germany. You can see this magnificent and very popular structure in Disney framed prints like Neuschwanstein Disney Castle. Created by Ludwig II, the former King of Bavaria, the castle was actually inspired by composer Richard Wagner's "The Swan Knight" which also led to the castle's name that literally translates to "New Swan Castle". While creating the iconic film "Sleeping Beauty", Walt Disney sketched Neuschwanstein and his own Disney version of Neuschwanstein was subsequently created. Some might say though that it was Cinderella's castle that he was inspired for, but they are both incredibly similar and practically became synonymous with Disney. As you can see, not only are Disney framed prints beautiful but also carry with them a history and meaning.

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