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Green framed prints

The abundance of green shades and hues in Photowall's assortment of green framed prints can make it difficult to restrict your choice to just one, but no need to fret at all. Green anRead mored its nuances surround us daily in nature, so you can easily mix and match all these green shades within your home, office or recreational space. In fact, green is one of very few colours that can be mixed and matched without clashing and becoming unpleasant to the human eye. In a bedroom, where tranquility is more important than anywhere in the home, it is extra important to consider the effects of colour combinations on the eye when remodeling. Using green framed prints can alleviate those concerns in style and fashion.

Primary advantage of green framed prints

First and foremost, green is the easiest colour for our eyes to process. Have you ever noticed that the night vision goggles used by the military project green light? This is no coincidence, because the wave length of the light that emits the green colour is easiest for us to process and distinguish patterns. You can be sure this is related to the fact that human beings have practised distinguishing colour shades in nature for hundreds of thousands of years. Green framed prints can connect us with that ancient notion and also provides us with visual weight in our interiors.

A touch of nature

Bringing elements of the outside world into our interiors can often have a great effect on the decoration. Nature is the best example of this. What better way of bringing nature into your home, office or recreational space by employing these wonderful motifs in our green framed prints collection? When looking for some peace and quiet, you can imagine yourself laying there in the lush green grass on a perfect summer’s day, a majestic tree providing you with cool shade yet still allowing through just the right amount of healthy sunlight. You can achieve the same effect whenever you step into a space that has your chosen green framed print featuring nature. Pine Tree Forest at Sunrise is a perfect example of this, capturing that wonderful hue that can only be captured by Mother Earth herself. Put this green framed print up in any room and you will notice a change of ambiance and mood immediately.

Green framed prints for any area

Photowall's green framed prints do not have to be limited to residential spots. Studies have shown that nature also helps a lot in the workplace, in the form of calming down and enhancing productivity. Even when sitting in an office all day, having a component of nature within the corporate setting helps ease the stress and inspires to be efficient. Even works of art have shown to be effective, which you can perhaps see in the green framed print named Vincent Van Gogh - Trees and Undergrowth. An artist who always had a wonderful connection to nature, this illustration by Van Gogh can calm and motivate at the same time. This is the power of green framed prints.

Find your nuance

Green is without a doubt one of the most versatile colours we have. Soft, muted greens like the surface of a sage leaf can help rid you of stress. A summer meadow or loud apple green can perk you up, and fill you with energy and expectation. Green framed prints has plenty of both. The serenity exuded by pieces such as Palm Leaf can look great anywhere. Emerald Green Panorama Forest is a green framed print that not only energizes, but also creates maximum visual weight and enhances the dimension of the space it is placed into.

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