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Street Art Portrait - Framed print - Bedroom



Surface & Textures

Texture in interior design refers to the quality of the surface of a material. Keep in mind that every surface has a texture, which may be rough or smooth, bumpy or flat, and so on.Read more With Photowall's surface & textures framed prints, you use this to your advantage. Texture is perceived to be influenced by the textures of adjacent surfaces, the viewing distance, as well as the lighting applied within the area. Photowall's high quality surface & textures framed prints provides you with the best motifs that will completely change the whole appearance and atmosphere of your walls. These designs will give your home the stylish look and unique character that many people will adore and talk about.

Different tiers in surface & textures framed prints

Decorating your room does not always have to be chore or task, it can be fun and exciting with the right inspiration and interesting ideas which you can use to make any room look amazing. With our incredibly diverse range of surface & textures framed prints, this undertaking can become something to look forward to. Photowall provides you with a comprehensive and neatly arranged array of subcategories in surface & textures framed prints, which are namely Abstract, Backgrounds, Materials, Patterns, Surfaces and Textures. In Abstract, there is a multitude of visually captivating images than can be the difference between a plain old room and a new magnificently appealing area. Whether it is for your home, office or recreational space, surface & textures framed prints such as Winter Over Autumn, for example, can create intrigue and visual dynamism in an instant. With Backgrounds, you cannot just change the whole look of the room you have chosen, but also the dimensions as these surface & textures framed prints provide the room with a whole new depth. Take something like Colorful Doors into consideration, and watch as the interior expands before your very eyes.

Freedom and liberty

By having so many other categories to choose from, you must already be excited to avail of Photowall's excellent assortment of surface & textures framed prints. In one of the other levels within this category, there are even smaller tiers to make your search and selection process even more convenient and specific. Under Materials, you can also choose from Bricks, Concrete, Metal, Paper, Stone, Tiled and Wood. With these surface & textures framed prints, it will make it very accessible and uncomplicated to match or contrast with your existing interior design, colour schemes and especially the materials already present in your space. Furthermore, Patters also has different groupings such as 3d, Circles & Dots, Full Frame, Geometric and Striped. Imagine a surface & textures framed print such as Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall in your home hallway or even the board room at your place of work. It is guaranteed to generate visual weight and interest.

The extended universe of surface & textures framed prints

The pretty much self-explanatory category of Surfaces in surface & textures framed prints contains sublevels named Painted, Reflective and Rustic. In Painted, there are gorgeous items such as Mural of Woman's Face which can look cool in any residential or corporate space. Surface & textures framed prints like this can also be utilised in rooms which are these days known as man caves, also used to be known as recreational rooms or the play room. Textures can boast of subcategories like Metallic, Natural Textures, Peeling, Rough, Rusty and Smooth. Within this category, you will see superb pieces like Blue Liquid Marble, a surface & texture framed print that just pops once you lay eyes upon it. As you can see, the already strong diveristy in surface & textures framed prints is enhanced even more the deeper you go in. Photowall really likes to emphasize its palette of choices.

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