5 smart DIY ideas - using things you already have at home

It really is a wonderful feeling, getting creative with simple things, or even reusing things you have at home, right? In this article we'll give you tips on fun, creative and simple handicrafts that are perfect to make when you have a day off.

Create a cosy autumn feeling with recycled candle stubs

We'll start with a DIY project that creates the perfect cosy feeling. I'm thinking candles! Is there anything that instantly creates more atmosphere than candles? You can easily make candles yourself if you have some old stubs at home. They're perfect for reusing and making new candles!

Melt your old candles down in a bowl of water. Then attach a wick to the bottom of an old glass jar, try looking in the recycling, or grab the jar as soon as the last of the breakfast marmalade is used. Then pour your melted candle wax into the cleaned jar and let it solidify. If you want an extra fancy jar, you can cover it with some leftover wallpaper. Tie a small string around it for an extra stylish detail. Look around to see what you have at home and let your imagination flow. If you have any scented oils at home, you can put in a few drops in the melted candle wax and in a flash you have a scented candle.

All kinds of old candles work so save them and mix them. Even if there's just a little wax left in the tray when a tea light is finished, you can save it and recycle it. Have a bag or jar in a cupboard where you put all the pieces, then just make a candle once it's full.

Candlesticks decorated with wallpaper "Bramble Hill Vintage"

Wallpaper tips for candles: illustrations, geometrical, botanical designs

Super-quick paper pot from leftover wallpaper

If you have plants at home, I recommend you take cuttings now and again. It's the absolute best going-away gift I can think of. So when you're invited out and want to take something symbolic with you, just put a cutting in a small pot of earth. To make it an extra nice gift, you can easily make a paper pot from an old paper bag or leftover wallpaper pieces.

Place the pot on the centre of the paper bag or wallpaper. Lift up and cover the pot a bit loosely, it can be good to make a few folds, to get a better grip on the paper pot. Staple together to keep the pot in its shape. If necessary, tie a string around it or fold down an edge.

Wallpaper inspirations for pots. Unearth - Onyx | Green Marble | Brume - Granite

Create beautiful jewellery from leftover wallpaper pieces

The earrings are made from wallpapers 'Kerstin Dark' and 'Botany Banana'

Have you ever thought wallpaper would be a great material for making jewellery from? No? Well, It is! By either cutting or scoring out different shapes from wallpaper, you can create beautiful jewellery. Like these earrings for example. With a revolving punch you can make small neat holes - if you don't have a revolving punch, you can also use a sewing needle. Put different shapes together by attaching a small metal ring. Glue the earring on the back of the wallpaper. And if your ears aren't pierced, you can of course glue on clips as well. The best thing about these earrings is that they are so light you barely feel it. No more tired ear lobes!

Spice up a boring mirror

Do you have a fairly big mirror at home that maybe feels a bit boring? If you also have leftover wallpaper pieces or some colourful tape at home, you can quickly and easily update your mirror and make it unique! Maybe the mirror itself is another thing you didn't know you could wallpaper in your house?! If your mirror is in a wooden frame, it's super-easy to just wallpaper it with your favourite print. Match the wall in a fun way! And did you know you can also use the wallpaper to decorate the mirror surface itself? Cut out fun shapes or cut narrow strips to create a pattern. Why not mix them up, if you have several different kinds of wallpaper left over? Or order sample pieces from Photowall. If the mirror's in the children's room, you can cut out funny characters that can live on it.

Did you know that with a little glass paint you can also

Wallpaper tips for spicing up the mirror: design wallpapers, surfaces & textures, for the children's room

Create an extra room with a folding screen

Botany Bamboo - Green

The folding screen is a trendy and practical interior design detail that's really come back with a bang lately. It's great for creating rooms within rooms and, with a folding screen, you can adjust the feel of a room without making major changes. It's also relatively easy to make your own, from old shelves for example. You can wallpaper them and give them a nice new look, quickly, and when you're tired of them, just replace with new wallpaper.

Wallpaper inspiration for folding wall: wallpaper from Lemon, Nadia Wedin, Garbo & Friends.

Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account@dnilva.

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