Dress your walls with your personality

To give a room the right character that suits your personality, a smooth, fast and efficient solution is to hang things on the walls. This can be photos, art or posters. Variation can spice up your everyday and when it comes to dressing your walls, there are lots of unexpected alternatives. We have found a number of everyday objects that you probably already have in your home, and which work surprisingly well as wall decor. Below we list options that give your home a whole new look!

Saga-Mariah with her wallpaper The Moss Garden After Rain


Wall hangings

The word immediately brings to mind old walls in medieval castles, but wall hangings have recently received a boost in home decor. These hand-woven fabrics are a great alternative to framed artwork. They add both color and texture to the space where they hang and it will undeniably feel unique and personal.

Try hanging one or two hangings as an accent on a wall in a hallway, or perhaps on an otherwise empty wall in the living room.


Foggy Forest


Consider craft baskets! There are many different textures, patterns and sizes of baskets and using a few different ones in combination gives a strong, visual impression in almost any room. A dramatic, eye-catching arrangement is surprisingly easy to create. Just make sure the arrangement is a mix of size, color and pattern.


Birds Nest - White by Lottas Träd


Hats are not only trendy in fashion, but can also serve as an eye-catching detail in your home. Just like baskets, you can hang your hat collection on the wall in e.g. the hall and create a real wow factor in an otherwise rather boring and practical space.



We usually store our blankets in a cupboard during the warmer periods of the year, and close at hand during the colder ones, but with the right blanket you can also give a personal and exciting touch to any room, all year round. If you have a large, empty wall, a blanket can fit perfectly as a wall hanging, or why not hang your favorite blanket on the wall behind the bed to imitate a headboard?


Mamma Mu & Kråkan - Mamma Mu – canvas print


Hooks are a practical option when it comes to wall decorations. They can be both an elegant decorative element and a functional use of your wall space. There is an abundance of different hooks available, and if you do not like the more modern types, there is often lots to be found at flea markets and second-hand shops.

Kubik - White Grey – wallpaper by Acne JR



A plate wall is both classic and ideal for the art collector. If you find rare or particularly nice plates that were manufactured in a limited edition, you can easily display them on the wall and call it art! Hanging the plates on the wall is a fun and artistic way to showcase your collection and a slightly more creative alternative to the traditional porcelain cabinet.



Mixing clocks in different colors and sizes adds a direct feeling of Alice in Wonderland. It is both original and eye-catching. Plus, you'll never have to wonder what time it is again! Just make sure the bells do not sound too much (if you want them functioning).


Grunge Concrete Wall by Studio Redhead


Within design, it is often said that mirrors make a room feel bigger and that is really true! So why not create a wall of mirrors to create the illusion of a larger room? You can choose a variety of mirrors with different shapes but similar sizes, or create a cluster where the mirrors have the same shape but are different sizes; and thus keep the design consistent.



They are both good for you and your home, and with so many different plants to choose from, there is always something that can fit in your home. Try to create a wall with several different plants in hinged pots, preferably succulents, herbs and other hardy plants that do not need too much soil to survive.


Try it out! Were any of the suggestions inspiring? Do not let yourself be limited by conventions, let your creativity flow and see what suits you and your home best!


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