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Go all black and white in the bathroom

The black and white bathroom provides an elegant, classic, yet timeless appearance. We have written here the information that you need about incorporating black and white in the bathroom.

The black and white bathroom provides and elegant, classic, yet timeless appearance. We have written here the information that you need about incorporating black and white in the bathroom.
Go all black and white in the bathroom

Incorporating black and white in the bathroom

It is common in many homes that the bathroom is one of the last spaces in the house that is paid attention to. It is also true that many would want to have luxurious bathroom such as adding spa and other amenities. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have the luxury of expanding their bathrooms due to various reasons such as limited space and budget. What to do now? The only thing left is the color scheme which you can remedy to have a new look for the bathroom. Go timeless with black and white and this color combination is suitable to any interior design style.

The meaning of black and white

It is interesting to know that black and white are not mere colors, but represents and signifies various things. Who would know that these colors may likewise affect the subconscious and behavior of people. For many years, black and white have been treated as colors that oppose each other. In Yin and Yang the two colors are featured that represent the balance in the universe. Even in the popular film Star Wars, these two colors represent good and evil as portrayed in the costumes of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. However, let us not restrict the two colors to good and bad for they may also mean other things such as power and rank. In martial arts, black belt represents someone who have mastered the art and white belt is someone who is just beginning to learn it. Black and white are closely associated with each other. They are interconnected and interdependent with each other especially in the natural world.

he psychological relevance of black and white

In interior design, color evokes various emotions such as calmness, excitement, love, balance, happiness, and sadness. The most basic colors, clack and white for instance, have a wide range of meaning and these are universal significance of the colors. White represents purity, hygiene, goodness, and innocence. Black on the other hand represents danger, evil, sadness. Both colors are treated as positive and negative. Black and white should not be treated as opposing or competing colors. They are always regarded as colors that complement each other. One is not complete without the other one.

In interior design, the choice of colors we do for the rooms may have effects on the emotions and mood of its inhabitants. Black is a neutral color that can be bold, mysterious, strong, and depressing. On the other hand, white is pure, clean, pristine, and innocent. These contrasting traits of black and white create the balance that a room requires. Opposites attract, as it is commonly said and as such, black and white can provide an atmosphere that cannot be provided by other colors. Black and white bring dynamic mood and freshness in interior decorating. Rooms in these colors appear neutral, stylish and ideal for both sexes.

Black and white ideas for the bathroom

One thing for sure in using black and white in the bathroom, things will never go wrong. The color combination has been used in bathrooms for many years and can be considered as timeless and can still compete with current trends.

Here are some ideas on how to go with black and white bathroom:

1. Black panelling – panelling is often used as wall covering in interior design styles such as seaside, shabby chic, and country. This can provide a light and neutral backdrop that looks better than paint or tile. Black panelling can provide drama to the bathroom and is suitable in traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

2. Black bathroom furniture – if the porcelain in the bathroom are in plain white, add black furniture pieces so that it will contrast the space.

3. Mirrors – one of the best ways to add light to your black and white bathroom is to install a mirror that can reflect the space.

4. Monochrome floor tiles – this is one of the black and white ideas that can be considered timeless. This can be achieved by alternating plain black and white tiles. This would create a pattern and can look like a chess board.

5. Black porcelain – want to be a non conformist? It is common to have white basin, toilets and bath as the color symbolizes purity and cleanliness. However, the use of black porcelain can create a visual striking appearance that you will love.

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