Shabby Chic, the soft romantic style of your room

The shabby chic interior style may have that vintage appearance, but it still has that soft, luxurious, cottage-style decor.

Shabby Chic, the soft romantic style of your room.

Shabby chic interior style

Vintage, soft and feminine. Those are the words that best describe the shabby chic interior style and one of the most popular trend in the design industry. One may find the style romantic and elegant. This style emerged in the 1980s in United Kingdom which was conceptualized and popularized by the British designer Rachel Ashwell. Having this interior design style in your home is easy to achieve and may not be that expensive. Bring out all those old and unused items and furniture and with a little imagination and creativity, transform your home into something exhilarating. You will surely love the ideas of the shabby chic interior style.

Some of the highlights of the Shabby Chic interior style

The shabby chic interior style may be compared with the other vintage style of interior decoration, such as the French Country Interior Design. Just think of the shabby chic as a vintage style with a twist to make it more appealing and exciting. “Shabby” is the word that you should not think of negatively. This is one aspect in the shabby chic interior style that will greatly add elegance and luxury into your home.

 Here are some of the highlights of the shabby chic interior style:

1. The vintage appearance of this design is attributed to the use of furnishings with signs of wear and distress.

2. Fabrics are commonly in cottons and old French linen. The usual colors are white and pastels to make the room soft and bright.

3. The rooms may look more romantic with the use of decorative items such as pillows in vintage fabric, linens, chandeliers and others that have rose as their design.

4. The shabby chic interior style may likewise be considered eclectic but in a harmonious way to instill that soft, romantic and feminine appearance.

Why many love the shabby chic interior style

Shabby chic interior style can be defined and illustrated in many ways, but it is the experience which defines the interior style. It is an interior design style wherein old furniture and furnishings are the highlights of the rooms.

Shabby chic was first coined in the 1980s by the British designer, Rachel Ashwell. She popularized the term in the United States and even used it as her business name and eventually trademarked it in 1989. This interior design style was inspired by the large country houses as well as the other vintage designs, wherein the use of old and worn furniture, curtains, paintings and other decorative items are popularly used.

Nowadays, the need for materials to be recycled, upcycled, and repurposed may be fulfilled with the use of shabby chic interior style into your home. In addition to the furniture and other furnishings, the colors that this style use make the rooms elegant and luxurious especially when they are mixed and matched with the home furnishings. Once things are in their proper places, the rooms of your home will appear comfortable, charming, relaxed and warm.

Shabby chic interior style ideas that will captivate your hearts

There are no strict rules to follow in creating a Shabby chic interior style in your home interior. So, time to chill and unleash that artistic talent of yours! The first step is to check your old decorative items and furniture that you haven’t used for some time. See if there are things that can be upcycled, reused or repurposed. If you think you still need more, visit yard sales or antique shops and surely you can get good quality items at a lower price. Who says that you have to spend more to have an elegant and luxurious interior?

 Here are some shabby chic interior style ideas for you and your family:

1. The use of white and pastel colors in your rooms can easily be matched with different colors. The more white used the more your rooms will have the shabby chic appearance.

2. Flowers placed in appropriate places and used as a décor will make the rooms more feminine in appearance which is one of the key features of the shabby chic interior style.

3. Use furniture that are distressed or worn out to have that vintage quality of the interior design style.

4. Make use of freestanding dressers and decorate them with a combination of vintage and not so old items such as jars, ceramics and vases.

5. Check antique stores for beds, chairs and lamps made from wrought iron.

6. The addition of mirrors could create an illusion of having a bigger room. The use of antique mirrors will do the trick of having a larger room at the same time the vintage appearance of the shabby chic interior style.

7. Check antique shops for any vintage such as chandeliers, artworks, linens, practically anything and use them in your rooms.

8. You can actually experiment on anything. Creativity and resourcefulness are the key words in achieving the style that you are dreaming of.

Happy decorating!

Photo: Hutomo Abrianto, Unsplash.

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