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About our framed prints

Our prints combine the best materials and are put together by experienced frame makers. Each frame undergoes a manufacturing process that combines precision and expertise. The prints are delivered pre-assembled and ready to be hung on the wall.

Frame and glass

Our modern and timeless frames are available in three different designs - black, white or natural wood frame. The glass used is made of acrylic which gives less reflections, improved UV protection and is more durable than ordinary glass. The back of the board is sealed with tape to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating. All boards are FSC certified, 100% acid free and will not discolor or fade over time.

Delivery and packaging

The prints are delivered pre-assembled and carefully packaged so that no damage should occur, including with corner covers and extra packaging around the print to protect it. Should the print is presumed to have any damage on delivery, it is exchanged free of charge. Framed prints are always sent separately from other products you order from us. The prints are sent within 1-4 days - always with free shipping.

Paper quality and printing

We use matte paper from Hahnemühle - one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium paper. The paper gives outstanding tonality and sharpness in detail and works perfectly for photographs and illustrations. Our printing technology maintains museum quality and provides clear colors, deep black and is age resistant.

Quick Facts

  • The print is delivered pre-assembled
  • Premium paper, Hahnemühle 200gsm
  • Printing technology that keeps museum quality
  • 100% acid free and age resistant
  • Durable acrylic glass with minor reflexes
  • Sealed back protects against dust and dirt
  • FSC-certified
  • Frame width 0.8 inches, frame depth 0.9 inches

We Care about the Environment

We only make products to order. This means no products are stored in a warehouse or thrown out unnecessarily. Our printing ink contains no hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable. To learn more about how we work to minimize our environmental impact, please see our
environmental policy.

Our Collaboration with Vi Agroforestry

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How much does a framed print cost?

The price for a framed print from our range varies depending on the design and size you choose. You can always see the total price by choosing your dimensions for the desired design in our shop. Shipping is always included in the price and no extra costs are added.

What dimensions can a framed print be ordered in?

Our framed prints can be ordered in the following formats:

Portrait motifs:
11x14 inches (12.2x15.4 inches including frame)
12x16 inches (13.0x16.9 inches including frame)
16x20 inches (16.9x20.9 inches including frame)
18x24 inches (18.9x24.8 inches including frame)
20x28 inches (20.9x28.7 inches including frame)
24x32 inches (24.8x32.7 inches including frame)
24x36 inches (24.8x36.6 inches including frame)
28x40 inches (28.7x40.6 inches including frame)

Landscape motifs:
14x11 inches (15.4x12.2 inches including frame)
16x12 inches (16.9x13.0 inches including frame)
20x16 inches (20.9x16.9 inches including frame)
24x18 inches (24.8x18.9 inches including frame)
28x20 inches (28.7x20.9 inches including frame)
32x24 inches (32.7x24.8 inches including frame)
36x24 inches (36.6x24.8 inches including frame)
40x28 inches (40.6x28.7 inches including frame)

Square motifs:
12x12 inches (13.0x13.0 inches including frame)
20x20 inches (20.9x20.9 inches including frame)
28x28 inches (28.7x28.7 inches including frame)

How do I find a motif?

We have thousands of motifs in our range, but if you still haven't found what you're looking for, try searching stock photo agency Dreamstime. We’re happy to help. Simply contact us with the image ID number.

What options do I have for the poster edges?

All of our framed prints are available in the following designs:
– No border: The image is printed all the way to the edges.
– White border: A white border is added around the image.

On the product page you can see exactly how the framed print will look with the different edge choices.

What are my delivery and payment options?

Delivery and payment information can be found on the page about our general terms and conditions of purchase.

Fast delivery

Your order is shipped in 1–4 days and shipping is always free. Wallpaper Paste Included.

100% guarantee

We want all our customers to be satisfied. Just return your order within 30 days If you are not satisfied and we'll give you a refund.