Turquoise posters

In its most basic form, turquoise is the blend of the color blue and the color green. This means it has some, if not all of the same cool and calming attributes often pinned on these Read morepigments. Turquoise posters can thus be associated with meanings of refreshment, serenity, balance and friendship. You will see plenty of these themes in Photowall's excellent, high quality, rich in detail and uniquely designed assortment of turquoise posters. Another major factor to consider when decorating with this color is that it is closely related to the element of water. Since water is life, turquoise posters can become the life of your home, office or any other interior you are looking to beautify.

Varying shades of turquoise posters

Lighter tints of the turquoise color have a sweeter, more feminine feel. You can see this in pieces like Dogwood Blossoms and Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid, motifs that suit any home or office space with their beautiful tones. Darker shades of turquoise, such as teal have a more sophisticated and strong vibe. In this vein, a turquoise poster similar to Sea of Marble or Textured Cloudy Sky might be more your jam. These items can look cool and appealing in a variety of settings, such as the living room at home or perhaps the board room in your corporate space. Variations of turquoise, which are often used to represent water, also are referred to as aqua and aquamarine. Turquoise posters has plenty of these, with outstanding designs and lush hues that entice and fascinate the viewer. Surf Paddling in the Sea is a perfect example of this, a wall decor that is visually captivating and at the same time so rich in detail that you will like you are actually there.

Symbolic connotations

Turquoise is a valuable mineral that is often used for jewelry, especially in the American Southwest and Middle East. The turquoise gemstone, for example, is the symbol of friendship, brings peace to the home and good fortune to the owner. The turquoise stone is believed to carry with it great truth and wisdom. Turquoise posters, just like the stone, can represent self-realization and be an aid in analytical thinking, as well as creative energy. In many ancient cultures, it was and still is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Turquoise is also one of nature's most beautiful colors, calm and down-to-earth which makes it harmonious and comforting. From a more decorative side, turquoise goes very well with other soft warm colors like light beige, warm orange and green tones. Turquoise posters can make many people think of the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean. It's nice to be reminded of warm beaches and 28ÂșC water every now and then.

Turquoise posters with water

Since turquoise fits especially well in a room where you need a calm and professional vibe, such as the office, you can try to spruce up your corporate space with an item like From the Shore, a lovely work of art that can instantly change the mood of a room. Styling with turquoise posters in offices signifies freshness. The blue hues in turquoise convey credibility and stability, while the green hues create harmony and tranquillity. Another vital aspect to this is the presence of the element of water. Turquoise posters have a lot of H2O in its arsenal, with flexible meanings to each motif. Rage of the Dolphin, for example, can be viewed as a more whimsical take on the very crucial fight against overfishing. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a turquoise poster that is much more easygoing, reminding us to sometimes just sit back and relax. Golden Day Turquoise, on the other hand, is a lot more dramatic and an artwork that can elevate any room into something more personal and intimate.
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