Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, if not on a daily basis. Bringing this into your interiors is not just a great way to generate positive vibes, but also creates a deliRead moreghtful mood in your home, office or recreational space. With Photowall's tremendous selection of comedy posters, you will have an excellent decoration tool at your disposal. Since comedy is one of the most malleable genres in film and television, it will also make your interior design more flexible. Comedy posters has that variety in its motifs, with real life photographs taken from movie stills that can transport you immediately into a scene and works of art that can brighten any residential or corporate scene. These images will lend your room that special touch and act as a reflection of your personality at the same time. With comedy posters, you can provide your home or office with style and a healthy dose of laughter and serotonin. As per usual, you can alter these images to suit your pre-existing interior design, colour schemes and other decorative elements.

The importance of comedy posters

The art of comedy has always one of the most popular forms of entertainment, but has also acted as a vehicle for social and cultural commentary. Photowall's comedy posters can also do the same for your area, acting not only as a reflection of the good and bad in society, but also as a way for us to diffuse the hardships of existence with laughter and joy. Let us be real, we need more comedy in this modern world. When life around us gets shrouded in tragedy and darkness, comedy is the bright light that shows us the way back to happiness and our humanity. This noble sentiment is also a great factor upon using comedy posters to beautify your interiors. If you are looking for proof of the power and importance of comedy, consider one of cinema's greatest artists and one of the world's first true global superstars, Charlie Chaplin. He did not just make people laugh, he made them laugh and cry with the very next beat. Comedy posters like Charlie Chaplin in the Gold Rush shows both these abilities in a wonderful light, with the classic black and white tones underlining the art that goes into his performances. You can also consider Charlie Chaplin in the Rink if you are going for a more retro or vintage aesthetic. These comedy posters can truly transform your rooms into a memorable and beneficial space for you, your family, your friends, and so on.

A brief history

Ever since film was established as a viable storytelling medium, one of its main goals has been to entertain viewers through the power of laughter. In fact, one of the Lumiere Brother’s first films was a comedy piece. Given the initial technological limitations of film, comedy quickly became an ideal genre for the early silent films since it could successfully be expressed through visual action and physical humor, such as slapstick humor. Proponents of this can be found in comedy posters such as Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, featuring the two legendary comedians in a gorgeous black and white motif that will lighten up any room you put it up. With the advent of sound, relying exclusively on physical mishap and acrobatic stunts became passe and comedy developed into a satirical tool for mocking the establishment through situations that were often absurd. In the 1970s and 1980s, the genre really embraced satirical humor and parody, in addition to a flood of teen comedies. As for the 1990s, during this period of time, actors tended to create larger-than-life characters that relied on exaggerated speaking, movement, and expression. Waynes World 2 is a great comedy poster that shines a light on some participants of this trend.

A multitude of genres in comedy posters

The diversity in comedy posters is another advantage it has as a wall decor. Nowadays raunchy or so-called blue comedies are the norm. Another current favorite is black or dark comedy, which tries to make light of death, violence and horrible situations to make them more bearable and understand it from another side. Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots Part Deux is a superb comedy poster of this type of genre, spoofing the uber-violence of the action flicks of the 80s and 90s. Cringe comedy is one more sub-genre that takes pleasure in other people's pain, which comes from something called dramatic irony. There is also deadpan comedy, mockumentary, wordplay comedies, and many more. The mixture of genres also benefits comedy posters, providing you with a range of motifs.
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