Mystery & Detective

With mystery & detective posters by Photowall, you will not only bring a visually appealing motif into your space, but also that sought after intrigue and sense of thrill. The rich Read moredetails, wonderful colour combinations and fascinating themes present in this category will guarantee you maximum visual impact and interest. Generally considered a sub-type of the crime and gangster films, or film noir, or suspense or thriller films that focus on an unsolved crime, mystery & detective films focus mostly on a central character. In most cases, this is the hard-boiled detective as he, or she, meets various characters and scenarios in his, or her, pursuit of the criminal or the solution to a crime. Photowall's mystery & detective posters will turn your interior into a fun little hunt for clues while visually stimulating anyone who sets eyes upon your new focal point. You can also always choose to alter these items in order for them to suit or contrast with your pre-existing interior design, colour schemes and so on.

More background on mystery & detective posters

Suspense is often added to this type of flick as the protagonist struggles within the usually puzzle-like narrative to where he or she investigates all motives, only to discover the one essential clue or or flaw that reveals the identity of the culprit. One of the most famous examples of this in fiction is the quintessential detective, Sherlock Holmes. Considered to be the world's first private detective, he was derived from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary works and eventually became the fictional character most frequently recurring on the screen. As to date, Sherlock has appeared in over 200 films since 1900 and been played by well over 70 actors! Mystery & detective posters by Photowall pays homage to this legend in the form of motifs such as Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This wonderful image shows the British actor Basil Rathbone who appeared during the World War II years in 14 pictures from about 1939 to 1946. This classic can now be the gorgeous addition to your home or office interior decoration.

Famous samples

There are plenty of high quality examples of mystery & detective posters that feature the most prominent proponents of the genre. Carol Reed’s "The Third Man", for example, with its atmospheric cinematography and standout performances from a majority of the primary cast is an often cited favorite of this type of movie. The glorious backdrop of Vienna Post-war still seems like a timely setting for the glass half-empty mentality filling practically all of film noir. You can acquire this iconic classic in mystery & detective posters like Third Man. Items such as these will bring a whole new atmosphere into your room, no matter if it is residential or corporate in nature. Even though modernized interpretations of film noir became more graphic as time passed, and the limitations of what could and could not been shown on film was less and less, it is still the sense of intrigue that captivates the viewers. Chinatown may not be as brutally violent as those that would follow, but it certainly did not need to be. Mystery & detective posters like Chinatown - Jack Nicholson shows the iconic actor in one of his signature roles.

The master in mystery & detective posters

One of the most legendary filmmakers of all time, and known as "The Master of Suspense", Alfred Hitchcock in many ways reinvented and revolutionized the entire genre during his heyday. Even though he made classics such as Psycho and The Birds, many cite Rear Window as the one that easily transcends them all. While the plot may seem simplistic in the modern time, this has become a staple of the genre. With mystery & detective posters like Rear Window, you can pay homage to this absolute gem of a film. You can even get a glimpse of that master himself in Alfred Hitchcock in the Birds. This particular mystery & detective poster is rendered in classic black and white, something than can enliven any space, whether this is the living room of your residence or the break room in the office.
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