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Mother Mary Rose Flower - Simon Saint Jean - Poster - Living Room



Virgin Mary

First of all, we need to make clear that Christian beliefs about Mary are based on the Bible. With this in mind, Photowall arranged a category solely dedicated to her in the form of VRead moreirgin Mary posters. The Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke say that Mary was a young woman who was engaged to be married to a man called Joseph. The Gospel of Luke subsequently states that the angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her that she would give birth to a son. The angel told Mary that she should call her son Jesus. This is the basic premise but as you will see in Virgin Mary posters, she has become so much more than "just" the mother of Jesus. Across religions and cultures, the Virgin Mary is a symbol of love, hope and peace. You can transmit these traits into your space through the use of Virgin Mary posters. Whether it is for the living room at home, or the break area in the office, these motifs will really generate maximum visual weight as well as creating a divine atmosphere that will strike a chord with anyone who steps foot in it.

The significance in Virgin Mary posters

Contrary to popular belief, Mary is not given honor in merely the Christian faith. She is especially honored as "the Mother of God" in the Roman Catholic Church and "the one who gave birth to God" in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Mary is also given honor by Islam because the Qur'an says that she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus, and Muslims honor Jesus as a great prophet. So no matter what your religious affiliation, or if you even have one, Virgin Mary posters can have a positive effect on your space. Christian art, for example, often shows Mary with the baby Jesus, with these paintings being known as "Madonna and Child" pictures. The Virgin Mary poster "Virgin Mary Painting" is a fantastic example of this. With a Virgin Mary poster like the aforementioned, you will really make your room marvelous. Imagine it in the foyer in your home or the entrance at the workplace. You can already see the various faces of your family, friends and colleagues lighting up at the sight of such beautiful art.

A birth that changed the world

We all probably know the basics of the birth of Jesus. The main point of contention of course is always as to the concept of divine conception, as Mary claimed she was impregnated by God through the Holy Spirit. Setting this dispute aside, you will see scenes of this event in Virgin Mary posters. While historians do agree that Jesus really did exist, the circumstances around it are still up for discussion. Nonetheless, his birth is celebrated around the world, and we have the Virgin Mary to thank for that. You can put up Virgin Mary posters to celebrate this or even to just show an appreciation for the mothers in our lives. Something like "Joseph and Mary" or "Garland with the Virgin and Child - Daniel Seghers" can be the perfect Mother's Day gift, for instance. The unique designs and splendid colour combinations in Virgin Mary posters will really delight anyone.

Using Virgin Mary posters

Another wonderful facet to Virgin Mary posters is that you can recreate or turn her story into a collage of images in the spaces you have chosen. From the time she was informed by Gabriel about her destiny as the mother of the savior in "Annunciation - Adriaen Van De Velde", you can align Virgin Mary posters to tell a story. Another great piece is "Coronation - Diego Velazquez", which shows her taking her rightful place in heaven alongside her Son and the creator. The various styles of art in Virgin Mary posters also brings with it character and sophistication. Turn your interiors into a place of worship, not just in terms of religion, but also regarding beauty and substance with Photowall's Virgin Mary posters.
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