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You can find information on how to return a faulty or defective product below.


As a consumer, you always have three years to return a product. When you've purchased an item and discovered that it's faulty, defective or has been damaged in transport, please Contact us as soon as possible after you discover the fault. Up to two months after you have discover the fault is always considered a reasonable time for returning the product.

Complaints about visible defects must be made before the product is mounted and used. We therefore urge you to inspect the product before mounting. We do not reimburse associated costs such as mounting costs, or other extra costs, in the event of a return.

If the product is not mounted, we arrange free return shipping - Contact us and we will give you further assistance. You can also choose to take care of the return shipping yourself. If you do, we take no responsibility for delivery and we do not reimburse any shipping costs.

If the product is mounted when the fault is detected, we will request pictures of the product that show the fault.

In the event of an approved complaint, we will compensate you in accordance with the applicable consumer protection law.

We always try to solve problems immediately, but should a dispute arise, we follow the General Complaints Board's recommendations.

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