Eco-friendly and sustainable flowers

The ordinary Friday bouquet of a bunch of fresh flowers has in the past year been replaced by a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative, namely: dried plants. This trend was already widely visible in the 70s and 80s and is now often seen on social media and in every other home. Dried plants last a long time and eliminate the need to invest in a new bouquet every week.

With dried plants, you don't have to worry about forgetting to water or transplant them, which is usually necessary for regular houseplants. Dried flowers also give you the opportunity to mix and match different types of vases you want to display, depending on what suits your interior. In addition to dried plants being very easy to maintain, you can decorate and use these for many different rooms, events and areas.

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Dried flowers for weddings

These types of dried plants and flowers are also perfect for weddings. Dried flower arrangements give you a boho chic and loving atmosphere. Dried flower petals also work great to create a natural and organic confetti to throw. This creates nice colors and blends together nicely in the picture. 

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Dried flower petals and various plants are also excellent as table decorations and create a cozy but at the same time very natural atmosphere. These are wonderful to use all year round, making them suitable for weddings in all seasons. 

Dry your own plants

Today, there are plenty of flower shops both online and offline that offer dried plants of all kinds. But what do you actually do if you want to dry your own plants? There are different techniques depending on which flowers you intend to dry. 

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Flowers with heavier flower heads are preferably hung upside down in a warm, dry place. Many flowers can also be dried directly in a dry vase. A tip for best results is to dry the flowers immediately instead of drying flowers that have already been in the vase for a long time, because this risks the flowers looking more withered.

Another way to naturally dry flowers is to let them hang upside down in small clusters of 10-15 stems. Make sure they are in a fairly warm but dark room to ensure a good drying process. Keep them away from the sun, otherwise their colors will fade.

Also, do not place them in a place where they can fall, as the stems can break easily. It is also important not to put the flowers too close together so as not to affect their shape. Most leaves can be laid flat.

Beautiful flowers and plants to dry

Decorating with dried plants is like inviting a bit of nature into your home. Therefore, it is nice to see what types of flowers are relevant for a particular season. In general, hydrangeas, proteas, banksia, craspedia and crocosmia are very beautiful, as well as grass, ax and seed pods such as poppies and lotus. Pampas grass is a bestseller and fits in perfectly everywhere from the living room and  kitchen to the office and terrace.

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If you want to add some lovely green elements, palm leaves and eucalyptus make a very good choice. In the spring, you can also dry different types of twigs, such as willow.

If you want to dry plants that retain their natural scent after the drying process, roses, straw flowers and lavender are ones to aim for. Lavender, in particular, is especially acclaimed for its long-lasting scent that can remain for up to a full two to three years after drying. Roses or rose petals will also continue to smell if it was a fragrant rose from the beginning.

Hot tip! Non-fragrant dried flowers can be great ingredients for making your own potpourri. Add spices and essential oils for best results.

Care of dried plants

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not require much maintenance. They don't need water, trimming of the stems, or any plant nutrients. All you have to do is keep them free from dust, so you can enjoy their romantic appearance to the fullest. 

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One trick that will do wonders for your dried plants is to use a cold temperature hair dryer or a compressed air sprayer, from a distance. This gives your flowers a new luster. To keep them as long as possible, direct sunlight is not recommended, since it makes them brittle and bleaches their colors.

Dried flowers generally last for one to three years. A general rule of thumb, the more humid the rooms are where they are kept, the shorter their lifespan. Therefore, avoid placing them in the bathroom or kitchen. Dried flowers stored in a sealed case can last for more than 10 years.

Wallpaper with dried plants

If you feel like taking your dried flower decoration to the next level, then you can use them to create a beautiful wallpaper. A wallpaper with dried plants is a very universal motif and suits any room. Give your living room or bedroom a boost with a bohemian and relaxing touch but at the same time some stylishness. 

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Slow living is something many people welcome in their homes nowadays and therefore puts more focus on the home's various functionalities. You want to decorate restrainedly - with crafts and natural products. A wallpaper with dried plant motifs in dull beige and brown tones, or a brighter motif in a pastel palette gives your home a harmonious and timeless feeling. Explore and be inspired by our hand-picked dried plant motifs here.