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Here are the top interior trends of 2019

What do the latest interior trends look like for 2019? What have been the highlights of the largest interior design fairs? Blogger, creator, and DIY pro Anna María Larsson summarizes the year's trends so that you can navigate them with ease. Join us in this deep dive!

Image: 101 copenhagenJotunNew Works Studio.

A focus on sustainability

One of the pervading concepts of 2019, and something that will hopefully stay around for a long time, is the theme of sustainability. It’s been a consistent through line through nearly everything and has formed the basis for all sorts of interior trends. Just make sure to always consider second-hand options first and you’re already halfway there. In stylish homes you’ll find pieces won at auction intermingled with great flea market finds right alongside all kinds of handed down furniture and gadgets. To renew, alter, and generally take care of the items you already have is a great way to take care of the environment and also keep up with the latest trends. With a splash of new colour or by changing up the wallpaper, your furniture takes on a whole new sensibility — all with relatively little effort.

Sculptural shapes and handmade crafts

Things that are handmade and with charming imperfections have begun to really take their place. Everything from pieces made by individual craftsmen to mass-produced items from larger chains — it should all feel unique and handmade. We’re also seeing sculptural shapes in many forms, both as decoration and in utilitarian objects like vases and lamps. It is a very tactile aesthetic full of exciting shapes and structures.

Image: BeckersDnilvaPhotowall

Dried plants

When it comes to flowers, we’re leaving the idea of a short-lived Friday-bouquet of plants that have been flown in from all over the world and instead using a much more sustainable alternative with an arrangement of dried plants, boughs, and twigs. This new style incorporates everything from reeds to ears of wheat to shrubs commonly found in the garden. When we think in a more sustainable mindset, we allow ourselves to dream more creatively and take in the flowers that are grown seasonally and locally to reflect the present.

Nordic wood and glossy surfaces

Swedish varieties of wood are the top choice from both a style and sustainability perspective. We are seeing them in both bright and dark stained variations. Rattan is definitely still a popular material, appearing on everything from large furniture to smaller utility items. The ubiquity of brass is still around but it’s definitely making way to leave room for high-gloss stainless steel.

Image: Tine K, Beckers

Vibrant colours and beige emerging as the new base colour

From even a quick look at the colours of 2019, it’s clear that COLOUR has become a really key concept — brighter, stronger, and more vibrant than ever.

We have gradually moved towards the brighter and fresher designs that we see today. There are a lot of colours that are being used together and combined creatively. Warm beige tones are the new white; beige is the bright base that was previously reserved for hues such as white and grey. When looking to use beige as a base, if you want to be a bit more conservative I’d recommend using a lighter variant, but if you want something that is a bit daring and goes against the grain, I’d suggest looking at something that’s almost a brown.

Pink and red continue to be hot colours. We’re seeing a lot of pink in warmer coral tones as well as iterations of rusted or dirtied hues. Red has been appearing on details more as an accent colour — for instance, in a bright, tomato-red chair. Items like this have been appearing rather often on social media and at interior design fairs.

Image: Jotun, PhotowallBeckers

Green, blue and yellow are all colours that have been hanging about for a while and continue to remain popular. Green tones are showing elements of grey and it’s being used on larger areas and surfaces such as walls. Blue runs a large gamut of options, everything from petroleum to cobalt blue, and it’s popping up often as an accent colour. Yellow endures from last season and is often used to brighten up individual pieces of furniture or other interior details such as textiles.

Purple is a big newcomer — it’s often been seen as a tricky colour to use and has thus been largely excluded, but now it’s taking its revenge! Purples, especially in lilac hues, are showing up and giving things a feeling of soft harmony.

If you have been hungry for colour, now is a great time to put on a bit of boldness and spread it around your home and wardrobe!

Dare to put together unexpected combinations — don’t be afraid to try things out. I’ve been really impressed by the things that I’ve seen and with the styles that are continuing to develop. I think it’s important to take the time to think about what we have, and to tend to ourselves by changing things even with simple means. Let us hope that sustainability-oriented thinking and design is not just a passing trend but is something that changes us as consumers for the long term.

Keywords for 2019

- Sustainability. Sustainability has become an increasingly important element when it comes to decorating our homes and choosing the materials we use.

- Dried plants. Replace cut flowers with dried grass or beautiful desiccated bouquets

-  Lots of colour! Vibrant colours are taking centre stage and are being combined with each other for great looks. Some of this year’s trending colours include: beige (beige is the new white), warm earthy colours, warm pinks, coral tones, and pinks that tend towards orange. Other essential colours include yellow in various shades, both as an accent colour and as the main colour for a room, as well as lilac and shades of green that tend towards grey. Last but not least, red details and accents serve to really make things pop.

-  Wood is making a comeback. Wood and other natural materials such as rattan and bamboo are on the rise. We’re also seeing several species of Swedish wood including pine, spruce, ash, and others increasingly being used.

- Glossy surfaces are making a return, replacing the carpet. High-gloss steel, stainless steel, and silver are becoming more common; brass is still quite popular, but it’s definitely facing some serious competition.

-  Sculptural shapes. We’re seeing more rounded, bulkier shapes among furniture and various interior details. Sculpturesque forms are emerging in both ornamental and utilitarian items such as lamps, vases, tables, ceramics, and more.

- Recycling is at the centre of design. The old is made new again. We’re finding ways to give recycled furniture new life, such as by giving it a new colour, a new fabric, or by replacing small details such as handles or knobs.

My favorites from the range

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Anna María Larsson is a creator, design inspiration, and DIY professional. She firmly believes that everyone is creative and has the ability to create — it just requires a little bit of training. Anna appears on TV, at workshops, and as a lecturer on a regular basis. She shares her creations and her inspirations on her blog and her Instagram account, @dnilva.

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