Trend Report A/W 22-23

Imagine a warm, cozy home. A safe oasis among the colorful treetops that soothes and strengthens you after a busy summer. With the autumn's most trendy colors, textures and expressions, we hope to inspire you to create your own soul nurturing place. To help you on the way, our design team has summarized the biggest interior design trends for the upcoming season and selected their favorites. With these inspirations as a foundation, they have created three wallpaper collections that will help you discover new styles, ideas and inspiration for your home.

Honeycomb Yellow - Summer House

Color, color, color

This fall, deep and intense colors are in focus. The vibrant shades of oxblood and orange add an exciting playfulness to a space when mixed with modern tones. A combination of deep red hues and turquoise details gives an unexpected and almost dramatic feel - it's bold and energetic, and takes us back to the happy '70s. Another exciting mix with similar vibes is dark petrol together with apricot, or why not break up the intense orange with a bright, pastel pink shade.

The importance of symbolism

This fall's most important colors have strong symbolic meanings. This is the season where we long to spend more time at home watching the changing landscape outside our windows. In the world of color, red is a symbol of power, strength, and energy. Orange is a positive and enthusiastic color, often used when you want to spread positivity and creativity. The shades of green soothes and heals, and the apricot color takes care of our spiritual needs.

Majestic Leaves - Pure White and Pink - PWP

Dare to combine

Autumn and winter trends this year encourage us to explore different styles, and exciting pattern combinations. We love its eye-catching vibe and the rich variation of textures like rough, smooth and glossy. Geometric patterns and graphic lines also combined in completely new ways. Overall, the coming months will be a time for everything to be allowed.


Trend 1 – Alcove Poem

This trend allows you to get close to nature even when you are indoors. Textured wallpapers, earthy color palettes and vivid imagery create a sacred sanctuary where you can be yourself and live in the present moment. The previous blue trend this spring with a focus on the sea, is now slowly fading away as we are making space for more forests and vegetation in our homes. Graphic shapes and mossy colors are perfect here, preferably together with petrol and saffron. If you are bold, we invite you to add a few details in turquoise or orange to break it up.


Trend 2 – Inner Light

Bring your pastel dreams to life with this soft, heartfelt trend. Now, however, in a slightly more stylish take than before, with colors such as Pantone's 'Strawberry cream' and 'Autumn blonde' in focus. A pleasant and harmonious atmosphere is the watchword. Here too, turquoise is a key player which, depending on the shade, creates a vibrant feeling of excitement. Patterned or not, regardless of wallpaper choice, this trend will give you a sense of peace and space.


Trend 3 – Cardinal Essence

Red has never been more right than it is now. This color quickly catches our attention and red represents energy, strength and power. Looking for something extra? Combine orange or turquoise and your space will feel empowered. In this trend you also find tones that are more discreet and more down-to-earth, that creates a more cozy and intimate environment. In addition, the palette also includes lion yellow, rust, brown and petrol which makes the combinations endless.