Trendspotting for the summer – trends and wallpapers to keep track of

With the spring here and the summer coming up at a time when many of us stay at home, we want the home to feel homey and cozy. An easy way to achieve this is with wallpaper! Let's look at which trends we see on the walls this summer.

Soft and round shapes

In the large trend report for 2020, we could see a trend where furniture, armchairs, sofas and tables had clearly round, playful and soft shapes. Now we can also see that this trend has reached our walls and wallpaper!

Arch Adornment - Violet has both round shapes and is available in the color scheme purple, which is a color to count on during 2020. This goes for the whole range of purples, from the brighter lilac purple to the darker and slightly dirty purple tone. And as icing on the cake, the soft rounded shapes are in golden color.

Concorde Landscape - Sand is a wallpaper that definitely has those soft undulating shapes. If you want to catch the pink trend, this is a given choice.

If you want a soft undulating wallpaper that radiates calm and harmony, there is Wave - Bright from designer Tove Berggren.

Warm tones

We continue to see color in the interior. Warm tones with yellow, red and pink tones warm the walls of our homes. If you do not want to go all the way with the wallpaper, you can start with a small part of the room as an accent. Feel free to mix up your favorite colors with other details in the home for a homely overall feel.

Wonder - Sand from the design studio Lemon is a both warm and soothing wallpaper which, despite its large pattern, blends nicely into the room.

Beauty Everywhere - Red is a natural, calm and muffled wallpaper that breathes nostalgia and bygone times.

The wallpaper Dusk and Dawn is available in a variety of colors and this faint, slightly dirty pink tone gives a warming feeling.

Go for color!

Color in all sorts of shades and nuances was and still is a trendy element for 2020. So daring color is probably the most trendy thing you can do this year. Let’s take a look at some beautiful wallpapers with a lot of color. What color do you choose?

Green and pink are two colors that like each other. The wallpaper Window View - Pink and Green from Lemon instantly creates an eye-catcher in the room. Match with textiles of different colors and textures.

Tender Clouds with Yellow Swallows - Dark Blue brings a hand-painted and almost slightly chalky feel to the wall.

Stockholm-based design studio Straight Design Studio has produced the 1920’s romantic and Art déco inspired wallpaper collection Find Me In The Corner. Here you can really dare to stand out and also choose from a variety of color combinations.

Proximity to nature

Nature continues to be a trendy feature of our homes. It is everything from motifs on paintings, patterns on textiles and wallpaper to physical details from nature that we bring into our homes. Flowers, twigs, straws and branches give a natural feel. If you want a lasting impression of nature, there are many nice wallpapers to choose from with botanical motifs.

If you want to surround yourself with large leaves, palm trees and a wildlife, there is Botanical Beauty. A wallpaper in a beautiful gray-green color that also feels quite right on the green trend.

Bare Tropical is a wallpaper where we see both color and nature. Two trends in the same wallpaper. Can be used successfully with other colorful elements in the interior.

With Blue Wild Meadow you get both a natural wallpaper as well as a wallpaper in the trendy color blue.


Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.