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Bathroom wall art – It’s more important than you think

Bathroom wall art will make your bathroom activities more exciting and fun. Here are some information that you need about bathroom wall art.

Bathroom wall art will make your bathroom activities more exciting and fun. Here are some information that you need about bathroom wall art.
Bathroom wall art – It’s more important than you think

The bathroom and you

A bathroom is a room in your house where it is used for personal hygiene activities. It usually contains a sink, either the bathtub or shower or both and depending on the country, the toilet is commonly included. This is also an area in your house where you can relax and rejuvenate to remove all the negative feeling from your body. This is the reason why many individuals still have what they cal “ceremony” before taking a bath.

If you are going to look at the history of bathrooms, it dates back around 3000 BC and during those times, bathing is a social event mostly practiced by wealthy people. In addition to that, it has also been a practice publicly. However, this public practice declined during the 16th to 18th century. People then preferred to have their own private space in their house.

Bathroom wall art – how important they are

Designing your little sanctuary is as exciting as designing your bedroom or your living room. You treat the bathroom as one of the most important rooms in your house. It is true that even if your have a small bathroom, a small change can alter how you see it and how you use it.

Here are some bathroom wall art ideas that you would love. Even your friends will be captivated with these ideas:

1. Graphic walls – you may find it boring to see that your bathroom wall is empty. The use of decals and drawings are one     of the brilliant ways to add life to your little nook. It is nice to try animal drawings and decals so that the bathroom will be more vibrant.

2. Fill it with colors – you have seen many bathrooms and the most common wall color that you see is in neutral colors.   Add an array of colors in the bathroom by making unusual choices is often times recommended. To do this, you need to pick multi colored tiles to decorate one wall of the bathroom and this will look dazzling and charming.

3. Make a color scheme – if you do not want a multicolored bathroom, why not try two colors such as pink and white or purple and white. This will appear elegant in your bathroom. Remember that the color white is used to balance the accent.

4. Pure white – painting the wall of your bathroom with white will make your bathroom cool classic, pure and clean. In addition to that, your bathroom have that simplicity appearance yet elegant. This wall color will blend well with all white ceiling and windows that brings in the natural light.

5. Mirror mirror – hang a stylish mirror frame to add life to the neutral colored walls that you have in your bathroom. This may also be the time to up cycle.

6. Modern concept – if you have white tiles on your bathroom walls, this may not be a modern design concept, but if you are going to add a little accent or accessories, then you are changing the stereotype image of white.

7. Mix and match – check on wall paper patterns that would give the bathroom a funky look but does not take the whole space. Tiles in one area will be great because if you cover the whole bathroom with tiles with the same pattern, then you will create an illusion that the room has shrunk.

8. Be creative – trend right now is the use of decals, photo wall and wall murals. Though some may be a little bit more costly, you may want to check on them as they have hundreds to thousands of designs to choose from. In addition to that, the materials used in these are durable enough such that they can also withstand bathroom conditions.

 In doing the bathroom wall art, just keep in mind the key factors in order to have a beautiful and remarkable wall art:

1. choosing the right color for the interior

2. create a focal point

3. personalize it

Happy decorating!

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