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Bring your memories to life with personalized art

Display personalized art and bring memories to life

For many years, you have taken photos of almost any event you celebrate with your family or friends. After having them developed, they are placed in an album and kept in their respective storage areas. Believe it or not, this should not be the case. Photos are meant to be displayed and not kept in a box.

There are many ways on how to bring memories to life. Photos of you, family and friends can be displayed in different creative and innovative ways. You do not have to hire a professional just to display your photos. In the past, the most common mans of storing pictures for easy display is through the use of photo album. Unfortunately, an album does not give a true display of pictures, since they are nor actively displayed until someone opens the album. Displaying the pictures simply means exhibiting them in several forms, usually by framing the prints and placing them in strategic locations.

How to create personalized art

Preparing and creating a personalized art work is a rewarding experience. With the addition of personal touches, the house becomes a home and what’s best to do this is through family photos and art works. The challenging part, however, is finding ways to incorporate them into the interior design. There are various things that need to be considered, such as color schemes, other art pieces, and the general room atmosphere. With a little creativity and imagination, you will be able to successfully create your own personalized art.

There is actually a wide range of options in creating personalized art. From displaying photos with family and friends to creating your own wall art, the objectives are to create something that will be cherished and those that will bring memories to life.

When it comes to displaying memorable pictures, there are different ways to display them in your home. Aside from framing, photos can likewise be displayed by printing them onto fabric, such as an apron or t-shirt. Or if you want, displaying them as a wallpaper also works. Photos may also be printed on calendar or mugs. 

DIY Wall Art ideas that you and your family will love

You can actually revamp the décor of your home without spending that much. You can use the materials that you already have from previous projects, or you can visit yard sales and other shops to look for valuable items at a low cost. Here are some inspirations that you can do in your home to make your room look wonderful:

1. Polaroid pictures – probably the easiest wall art to create. Tape or tack personal photos or postcards of about the same size to a blank wall and wrap around a corner to make an artistic touch.

2. Family photos – it is nice to have a gallery of photos in your home which features the memorable moments of you and your family. This will truly be a nostalgic and memorable piece of creation.

3. Children’s books – take pages from your favorite children’s books and frame them with customized yellow mats to dress up the white frame.

4. Song lyrics – words and quotes are great inspirations for creating personalized wall art. This is also true with song lyrics that are stenciled across canvases.

5. Plants and flowers – arranging a collection of framed flowers can create a gallery appearance. Press botanical flowers before framing them. You may also add their scientific names at the bottom.

6. Creative window frame – a salvaged window frame creates a great architectural display with the addition of personal photos. Be creative in picking your photos such as using candid shots instead of the posed ones.
Happy decorating!

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