Photowall has an exquisite collection of Kentucky wall murals that shine a light on the so-called "Bluegrass State". Did you know that in terms of population, this state ranks in the Read morelower half of the 50 states with a "mere" 4.4 million residents? For such a little place in terms of people though, it has always and still does loom large in the American consciousness, since there is just something so distinctly American about it. Bring this sentiment into your home, office or recreational area with Kentucky wall murals. Home of the famous Kentucky Derby, bourbon, KFC and the one and only Muhammad Ali, you can get a slice of what this lush state offers by getting yourself some Kentucky wall murals. Speaking of which, you will be amazed to know that all but five percent of bourbon in the world comes from the heart of Kentucky! Arguably as American as it gets, Kentucky wall murals can showcase your love for the United States of America and perhaps act as motivator to one day make the trip there. As always, you can alter your selected items to correspond with your existing aesthetic, planned colour schemes and so on.

The Derby City in Kentucky wall murals

The city in the title is a booming town with a touch of southern charm that awaits you in Kentucky wall murals. While the city itself is rapidly growing and changing, the heart and soul will always stay the same. It is a mix of Midwest mentality where everyone knows everyone, together with the culture and sophistication of a coastal city. The city of Louisville is full of life and a bursting art scene, but one of its greatest traits is the old Victorian style houses that seem to be everywhere, making it quaint and historic at the same time. Kentucky wall murals such as "Louisville Kentucky City Skyline" are evidence of this. There are plenty of iconic and grand buildings that represent the Louisville skyline. This set of Kentucky wall murals comes in different tones and hues to give you a couple of options when it comes to matching it with your planned decoration.

Massive and colourful history

Unlike most states, when the Europeans arrived in the 1600s, there were no major Native American tribes that permanently lived in the area that is now Kentucky. It was mostly used as hunting grounds for tribes such as the Cherokee, the Delaware and the Shawnee. This is also mainly due to the fact that only a few had ventured into Kentucky because it was so difficult to cross the Appalachian Mountains. If these explorers had not persevered, we would not have the amazing Kentucky wall murals we have today. Even though the British promised the Native Americans that they would not settle beyond the Appalachian Mountains, the colonists did not agree with this and started to settle Kentucky anyway. After the Revolutionary War, Kentucky became a part of the state of Virginia but soon the people of Kentucky wanted to make their own government. They applied for statehood and on June 1, 1792 Kentucky became the 15th state. The rich history of the Bluegrass State can be seen and felt in these Kentucky wall murals by Photowall, making your wall decoration beautiful and meaningful.

Kentucky wall murals samples

If you are looking to decorate your space with Kentucky wall murals like "Louisville Kentucky Skyline Black", you are giving your room a lot of charm and character. The black and white motif also features some amazing buildings like 400 West Market, which is a skyscraper in downtown Louisville. The 35-story, 167 meter high structure was Kentucky's tallest building when built for $100 million in 1991. Kentucky wall murals is also home to the PNC Tower, a 156 meter high skyscraper designed by architects Wallace Harrison and Max Abramovitz who also designed more than 15 buildings in New York. These Kentucky wall murals will definitely lend your interiors more depth, dimension and of course, visual weight.
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