Black-and-white wall murals

The first successful photograph ever taken that has survived to this day was in 1826 by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The photo is called “La cour du domaine du Gras” (the Read moreview from the window in Le Gras) and it depicts the view from Joseph's workroom in the town of Chalon-sur-Saône. The exposure time was around eight hours, which makes the lighting in the photo a little special, because the sun had changed positions during these eight hours. Much has happened in photography between the years 1826 and 2017, but something that has not changed is our fascination with black-and-white images.

Black-and-white wall murals for beautiful, stylish and classic look

The simplicity of mixing black-and-white colours when decorating makes the room both beautiful and exciting. There’s a rule often followed in interior design: Every room may need some form of black colour, and we can understand that. Black colour is a very easy way to create a connection between the colours in a room, which enables you to use colours that normally would not necessarily work together in a smaller space. The black colour both contrasts with and creates harmony between various colours at the same time. Although it's incredibly beautiful to style a room in only black and white, it may be off-putting to some. An outstanding way to get as much black and white into the room as possible without risking making it too rigid and confined is to mix this with other colours that are bolder and more reflective. A black-and-white wall and furniture in black-and-white colours will be given an incredible boost if you mix in colours like pink, yellow, red and trendy purple via cushions, rugs, curtains and other fabrics. As the beautiful black-and-white wall and the boldly coloured fabrics accentuate and complement one another, your room will gain its very own personality, which will be hard not to love. Wallpapers such as Stockholm Skyline Black and Weaving Wood Grey are perfect to use as the base for styling the living room, and Ball Through Wall is an excellent choice for a teenager's room.

The colour combination that makes space

Regardless of the actual size of the room you’re decorating, it will always feel and be perceived as larger when combining these two colours for the primary colour choice of the room. A large living room will be even larger, a hall will feel welcoming, and the corner of a small bedroom will be enlarged and brought to life in a way you never thought possible. If the wall behind the bed features a darker shade of black and white, such as the Pine Trunk bw wall mural, it will look amazing with moderately dark wood-stained bed frames or nightstands. If the wall behind the bed is styled in a lighter black-and-white shade with a pop of colour, like the Julia Butterfly wall mural, then a smoke grey bed frame or nightstand will match the wall mural on a personal level. In a hall, you may want to be greeted by very distinct soft and warm colours for an embracing reception. On the other hand, if you are looking for an opening and uplifting welcome when you step through the door to your home, black, white and grey are excellent colours. A bright floor combined with the Cuckoo’s Nest wallpaper will elevate the room in a nice way, while a slightly darker floor combined with the black colours of the Norra Järnvägsgatan in Mono wall mural will provide a calmer welcome.
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