Green wall murals

Green pigment is found in nature – a rarity compared to other popular strong colors. The pigment for the color blue, for example, could be extracted in ancient times only from the lapRead moreis lazuli stone, which was mined in Afghanistan. This made blue fabrics and objects exclusive and rare. The easy access to green pigment meant people considered it a mundane, common color. The color green has never been a status symbol. Still, green has not been associated with poverty or low status either. All the beautiful variation there is in nature contributes to a fantastic range of green hues and shades in our environment. The Swedish word grön from the 1300s stems from the Germanic root “gro,” to grow. “Green” has meant more than just a color. During the same times, the word was also used to describe if someone was healthy. In the 1600s, the word was used to describe if something was unripe or not ready. It makes sense! In Western cultures, the word green is naturally associated with life, health, youth, spring, hope and, of course, nature.

Find your perfect nuance in a green wall mural

Greening your home with a wall mural is one of the easiest ways to pump in new life and action. Green is without a doubt one of the most versatile colors we have. Soft, muted green like the surface of a sage leaf can help rid you of stress. A summer meadow or loud apple green can perk you up, and fill you with energy and expectation. As with all decor, choosing the color of a wall mural is about more than making a space look attractive. It is also about conveying an emotion – or perhaps subconsciously enabling you to create the mood you desire. For example, if you like retro décor and also want a tranquil mood, a mint green or subdued olive green wall mural would suit you perfectly. If, on the other hand, you are on the lookout for refreshing, invigorating colors, our Dew on Grass and Hanging Bamboo wall murals are patterns we are especially fond of here at Photowall. The abundance of green shades and hues can make it difficult to restrict your choice to just one, but don’t worry! Green and its nuances surround us daily in nature, so you can naturally mix and match all these green shades in your home. In fact, green is one of very few colors that can be mixed and matched without clashing and becoming unpleasant for the human eye. In a bedroom, where tranquillity is more important than elsewhere in the home, it is extra important to consider the effects of color combinations on the eye when remodelling. Mix medium shades of green with something plain, such as white, for sure results. An emerald green wall mural in the home is beautiful, elegant and daring. But if the elegance of emerald green is what you are after, wall murals in a quieter shade such as Fern Green and Old Town Green can help you create exactly the mood you want for your space.
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