Photowall's collection of mosaic wallpaper can lend a helping hand if you are looking for a refreshing focal point in your wall decoration. Upgrade the texture of your chosen interiorRead more with style, colour and texture in an instant. This category under the banner of Patterns is just the thing for you. Mosaic wallpaper can be the crucial missing link in your interior design style. You can throw those outdates notions of "bland" and "over-the-top kitsch" right out the window, as these motifs we have lined up for you are nothing but striking and appealing. From afar, our mosaic wallpaper glisten with an impressive array of colours. Up close, the details are unveiled and you can see how much time and effort must have gone into creating this work of art. To accentuate a few stationary things around the room to really make it pop, mosaic wallpaper are the best tool. Whether it is for the home, a recreational area or even the office, these items will be a guaranteed visual hit. Create visual balance and harmony in your interiors with mosaic wallpaper!

Quick background check

A mosaic is essentially an artistic technique that uses tiny parts to create a whole image or object. Mosaics are usually assembled using small tiles that are made of glass, stone or other materials. While typically these tiles are square, they can also be round or randomly shaped as you can see in the following images in mosaic wallpaper. There are two main methods for creating mosaics. One is known as the direct method, where artists place the tiles directly on the final surface, and the other is the indirect method, which is ideal for large scale pieces with a lot of intricate details. Artists place the tiles on a backing paper that is later transferred to the final surface once the mosaic is complete. It is fun to peruse this mosaic wallpaper collection and try to make out which method was used on the different motifs. Mosaic wallpaper are ideal in the sense that they create the illusion of space, as well as the illusion of texture. Subtle, yet effective décor, you can also always adjust your selected mosaic wallpaper to match or contrast with your existing aesthetic and colour schemes.

Usage and placement of mosaic wallpaper

The playful use of colour and the mind-bending attributes of these mosaic wallpaper elevate them from being simple, purchasable adornments to being actual works of art. One single piece positioned in a highly visible area of your selected space can make the entire appearance change. These mosaic wallpaper can look as good in the living room at home as they can in the break room at the office. Contemplate the intricacies of its patterns in any kind of space, where they will have maximum visual impact. These mosaic wallpaper by Photowall not only guarantee endless hours of intellectual contemplation but also a deep appreciation for their intrinsic beauty as well. Even your children will love the plethora of colours that they come in, especially because they create such a symmetry. As these mosaic wallpaper are child-friendly and affable, you can choose to display them in the kid's bedroom, play area or study space for a visually interesting background.

The genesis of the subject

Did you know that the term mosaic derived from the Greek word "mousa", meaning "muse"? It is an art form that has been around for thousands of years, first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia, where small pieces of tile were found in a temple from the third millennium BC! However, it was not until the ancient Greeks and Romans that mosaics began to depict real-life scenes, patterns and symbols. As the years passed, mosaics became more intricate and realistic and its artwork became culturally significant all over the world. With imagery like "Rosee", you are paying tribute to this storied past. "Mosaic Pattern" is another mosaic wallpaper that be representative of our ancient obsession with this kind of artistry. Family, friends and colleagues will appreciate this side to your personality when they see your unique wall decoration by Photowall.
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