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Living Room Wallpaper

The living room is a room with many functions. It is a place to relax, recharge your batteries and spend time with friends and family. The most important thing is that you style it foRead morer your needs and that everything—from your living room wallpaper and furniture to the lighting—reflects your unique personality. People spend a lot of time in their living room, so it’s extra important to style the room in a way that the whole family can enjoy. It should suit both cozy movie nights and doing homework. But before you begin to style your living room and hang your wallpaper, think about the function of the room. Do you need space for a dining room table? Will it be used primarily as a TV room or does it need a desk or workspace? Let its function govern the design and then style with wallpaper and other accessories.

Interior Design and Wallpaper Style

The next step is to decide the style of your living room. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on a sofa, whether flowery living room wallpaper would be suitable or if the living room atmosphere should reflect a kind of shabby chic. Our best advice for visualizing how you want your living room to look is to flick through interior design magazines, follow interior design accounts on Instagram and search for related boards on Pinterest. Visiting restaurants and art exhibitions is another good way to find interior design and wallpaper inspiration.

Easy Furnishing Tips

When you have found the style and mood you want to convey, it’s time to think about furnishing. One tip is to make a sketch of the room and then clip out pictures of your favorite furniture and living room wallpaper. Then you can reposition the sofa and swap it for another if it doesn’t feel right. Dare to mix and match your second-hand finds with new furniture and combine different shapes and textures. Remember to group furniture together—for example, if the room needs a workspace. Try placing a desk surface near a bookcase or pair a comfy chair with a little table or why not even accessorize with the family’s guitar? This will create a sense of calm in the room and make the room seem larger.

Living Room Lighting—What to Keep in Mind

Now the living room is starting to take shape. Although it has been styled with carefully selected furniture and wallpaper that reflects the family’s style, one important detail is still missing—the right lighting. In a living room, it is extra important to have plenty of light that can be adapted to different activities. Keep in mind the room’s functions and find quality lighting that is well-suited to what you’ll be doing, like a desk lamp or an armchair reading lamp. It’s also important to create the right kind of mood lighting in a living room by using anything from table lamps to window lighting. If the room needs general lighting for when you clean, make sure it can be adapted. Also, remember to always start with the size and color scheme of the room. If you have dark living room wallpaper and if the room is large, you’ll need more sources of light to create a cozy feeling.

Living Room Wallpaper and Decor

Finally, you can begin to consider the interior decor that best suits your style. Do you want a room filled with plants or books or do you want it to be bare and easy to dust? Should the living room wallpaper be discreet and reserved or do you want go all-out with wallpaper in strong colors and large patterns? Whatever your taste, our top tip for interior decor and wallpaper is simple – follow your heart. Make space for your favorite things, frame the posters or pictures you like and remember that the living room is a place where you should want to spend much of your time. Adding pillows, blankets and curtains makes it cozy. A rug can give the room a frame, and plants, wooden accessories, and candles will all create a feeling of harmony. Just remember that your choices should reflect your personality and style.

Our Top Tips on Wallpaper for Your Living Room

There are really no limits or rules when it comes to living room wallpaper. The main thing is that you should like your wallpaper. Here are some tips on how to choose the right wallpaper:
  • Start with the colors and patterns you like while keeping in mind the other colors in the room. Choose roughly three colors that fit together well for a nice look.
  • If the room is large and you want to create a more intimate, candlelit atmosphere, you may want to choose a wallpaper with strong colors.
  • If your living room space is not large, a light-colored wallpaper will make the space feel larger.
Wallpaper can really transform the feel of a room, so start with what you want to convey. Should the room feel modern, playful, cozy or rustic? To make the living room even more personal, choose a wallpaper that reflects your interests. If you like color and form, a colorful wallpaper like Nothing Can Go Wrng may be right for you. If you enjoy being outdoors, a forest-themed wallpaper from Jonna Jinton may suit you better.
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