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The magic of nature by Jonna Jinton

Mist dancing over narrow waters, ice-blue trees in the twilight, and magical forests in different guises. Photowall’s exclusive collaboration with Jonna Jinton has resulted in the wall mural collection The Soul of Nature. Beautiful designs that reflect the dream-like nature in northern Sweden.

Jonna Jinton

Six years ago, Swedish blogger and photographer Jonna Jinton moved to a small village in rural Västernorrland county in northern Sweden. There, she photographs the spectacle and magical moments of Mother Nature – at both day and night-time. It’s not hard to see where she finds her inspiration.

“My collection is inspired entirely by the natural environment where I live. I’ve been walking through the forests of northern Sweden in recent years, trying photographically to capture Mother Nature creating her own masterpieces,” says Jonna Jinton.

Jonna’s simple lifestyle, nature-focused art and personal blogs are appreciated around the world. Her first wall mural collection for Photowall comprises 13 carefully selected designs, covering everything from the delightful shifts of the seasons to misty mornings and fabulous nights.

“The motifs in the collection are from moments where I found something particularly beautiful that I wanted to capture photographically. Quite simply, I want to show nature from my perspective, and provoke the same wonderful feeling in the person who puts one of my designs on their wall at home as I get when I’m photographing,” Jonna Jinton explains.

The Soul of Nature is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £31 per square metre. The interior photos were styled by Petra Bauer and taken by Stellan Herner.

The Secret Place
Into the Wild

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