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    Autumn's hot texture trend

    The wall mural trend of textured motifs is still going strong. We’re seeing concrete, marble, wood and brick textures everywhere this autumn, and here at Photowall, we are proud to present a new collection of textures. We recently joined forces with photographer M. Stenströmer to create the Travel Bug collection with 24 new motifs photographed on location all over the world.
    Weathered Concrete Wall

    A wall of concrete from a building on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, an undiscovered brick wall in the middle of Stockholm and an unexpectedly attractive surface in a dirty factory – M. Stenströmer has travelled extensively throughout the world and photographed astonishingly unrefined surfaces which are then printed digitally in the Photowall studio.

    The rough, authentic surfaces in the images give the collection an exciting story, especially given that all these unexpectedly beautiful surfaces can actually be found somewhere out in the wide world. The entire collection is exclusive to Photowall and can be ordered as made-to-measure wall murals for £29 per square metre.

    Industrial Concrete Wall
    Stone Patina
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