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Fantasy wall murals are a great way to showcase your fun, creative side. We have murals and wallpapers in a wide range of fantasy-related themes, including dragons, unicorns, fairies,Read more wizards and more. You can find fantasy backgrounds with modern-day animals like wolves, sea creatures, horses and safari animals, plus all sorts of mythical, magical, wonderful and fantastical beings in everyday settings. Check out the collection, where you’re sure to find something amusing or striking that you can’t resist.

The Figures

Wallpaper is a fun way to dress up a boring wall. We have all kinds of real and mythical animal scenes and themes available in wall murals. One popular item is our unicorn-themed wallpaper. Just imagine these beautiful, wild creatures meandering among the stars on an astral amble, splashing with their babies in a fairytale pond by a castle, grazing in gardens with a shy look that suggests if you stare too closely they may disappear! Dragons and dinosaurs also feature prominently in our collection of quality wallpapers. There are surrealist images like dragon warriors, retro robots, houses floating near a waterfall or Gotham City by night. Television characters and and fanciful re-imagined portraits of known figures a also be found in our fantasy wallpapers. Themes based on storybooks such as Alice in Wonderland or Moomin can transport you to another world in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the castles and trees in the scene become characters in their own right as you look more closely.

The Backgrounds

Some backgrounds are pure whimsy while others depict everyday settings like a kitchen or bookshelves. Some of our backgrounds prompt you to escape from reality with scenes like a Jurassic jungle or earthbound or floating castles. Aquatic themes offer a view of the ocean floor complete with sea life and sunken treasures. Castles, cottages, garden paths and more are available for contemplation. Or you may choose to gaze at fantasy forest scenes with butterflies, fairies and a little pixie dust! The more you look at these visually appealing designs and wall murals, the more detail you will notice in every single part of the mural.
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