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When you want to use wallpaper in a room for maximum effect, you are likely to choose a brightly colored subject that offers a touch of escapism – which is exactly what you get from aRead more beach wall mural. These beautifully crafted murals are ideal for a wide variety of settings because they create the sense of space that you can only get from the wide blue horizons of a beach scene. Whether you are seeking the pastel tones of a northern European beach or the intense color saturation of the Caribbean coast, you will find it in our collection.

Natural beauty expressed through land, sea and sky

In many of our beach-themed wall murals, it is the combination of blue sky, a frequently emerald green sea and the soft tones of sand and stone that makes the scene so idyllic. These sorts of wallpapers, produced from some of the finest coastal photography around, are perfect for a feature wall. Take, for example, our impressive Gotland Beach scene, which brings together an almost transparent sky blue hue, the wispy white of high clouds and shimmering green dunes bursting through the grays, yellows and mellow browns of the beach's pebbles. For another dramatic look that is no less calming, consider ”Rock Cave on the Beach” with dramatic yellow sandstone revealed in late afternoon sunshine and deep shadows against the tranquil blue waters of the ocean just beyond. Both designs combine natural elements in glorious permutations, resulting in an image that is almost as good as being there in person. ”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is another one of our sky, land and sea scenes that features a dramatic landscape at the end of a golden sandy beach set against a sky lit up by a splendid rainbow. In this wall mural, like so many others, you could almost dip your toes into the crystal clear waters!

Painted wallpaper

In addition to our stunning beach scene photographs brought to life on a shockingly large scale, we also have a number of more interpretive murals for your consideration. For instance, have a look at ”Another Beautiful Day” by David C. Miller, which shows a painted sunset against a thrilling tropical setting. Miller is also responsible for some of our other beach scenes, such as the ”Day at the Beach” wall mural, which portrays a pink and blue herringbone sky with wading birds quietly enjoying the last of the day's sunlight. ”Beach Path” by David James, another worthy choice in this category, adopts a slightly different point of view with a beach glimpsed just beyond a tree-lined coastal path. In this scene the viewer looks straight ahead into the image, which is perfect if you want to create a greater sense of space – not to mention wonder – in your home. ”Mickey and Friends – Beach” is yet one more example of a fun beach scene that would please children of all ages. Ideal for a bedroom or playroom, this mural shows the gang experiencing all the capers you would expect at a beach.

Tropical temperatures

Sometimes, you want a mural to raise an eyebrow and sometimes you want it to raise the temperature. Fortunately, the tropical beaches shown in many of our wallpaper murals can do both. For example, take a look at ”Palm Beach Sundown”, a scene that could be replicated anywhere from Florida to Thailand to Jamaica to Brunei. This picture features elegant palm trees whose black silhouettes stretch from the beach to the sky. With a calm, contemplative sea in the background, the sun shines brightly as it hovers just out of contact with the water. The color of the sky is a rich pink veering into orange, red and even purple. Keep looking and you will find heavenly scenes of empty beaches in full daylight with delightful waters and fine white sand that seem to go on forever. Check out our ”Tropical Beach Scene” or ”Palm and Bliss” for just two examples of the sort of carefree scene where nothing is spoiled by crowds.

The power of the sea

Of course, not all our wall murals emphasize tranquil beach paradises. We also show the mighty sea in all its glory. Ocean scenes such as ”The Black Beach” paint a vivid picture with waves, mist, movement and power captured in one dramatic image. ”Beach Mood” is another example, but here the sky dominates the picture with waters that look like they could begin roiling at a moment's notice, while ”Breaking Wave” shows the sea at its most fearsome with choppy waters crashing on the earth under the gaze of a stray gull overhead. If that does not suit your fancy, then check out ”Sand Writing”, which showcases the beautiful natural patterns drawn on the beach once the forceful tide begins to roll out.
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