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People-themed wall murals can be great fun in a den or lounge area, or perhaps even the kitchen. Our high-quality, customizable wallpapers feature celebrities, strangers and people inRead more famous paintings. The people – known and unknown – include James Dean, Marie Antoinette, The Beatles, U.S. President Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix and portraits from artists such as Gustav Klimt, Peder Severin Kroyer, David C. Miller, and Javier Velasco. When you personalize your walls this way, you are never really alone!


Our collection of “People” wallpapers offers realistic photographs and portraits and more abstract renditions of famous individuals everyday citizens. Madonna, Christopher Reeve, Neil Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey and Audrey Hepburn are some of the many celebrities depicted. Everyday people are shown walking, running, playing, sitting on benches, strolling along the beach and more. Famous people are available in standard styles as well as abstract renderings that celebrate their lives and art. You can take a walk or have a drink in a bar with your favorite celebrity. You can walk with The Beatles down Abbey Road, hop in James Dean's car or imagine you are listening to Elvis live as you sit on a stool in your kitchen, picking out a blues tune. There are endless possibilities with wall murals.

Places with People

The iconic image of workmen on a skyscraper is just one of the exciting wallpapers on hand. There are also images of a graffiti wall, rock climbing in Piera Menta and skateboarding and snowboarding scenes so real you'd swear that you might get snowed on if you stand too close! Our wall murals with beach scenes and cityscapes can be sized to suit your room dimensions. Wallpapers like these are especially nice when you can incorporate them into your room's décor. For instance, a cafe scene with people might work well in your kitchen or dining area. There are crowd scenes – where you can insert yourself as the star – and pictures that invite you to go swimming or wind surfing. You may also want to use famous places and urban landmarks like the Manhattan Bridge. If you enjoy inclusive scenes, check out the depictions of festivals, coronations, street scenes, construction scenes and more.
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