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    Spring Sunshine: Scandinavian design – the Scandi Way

    As we gently roll into the brighter days of spring, the winter echoes of hygge become fainter. Instead, the Swedish term “lagom” lingers on the lips of bloggers and throughout the online design community, shifting focus towards finding the perfect balance in Scandinavian interior design – not too much, not too little.  

    The Scandinavian style remains at the forefront of current trends, with its clean lines, playful pops of colour and unforgiving sense of class – and we expect this design concept to continue to grow in popularity. Join us as we explore how Scandinavian interiors adapt to the changing seasons, and how to bring this minimalist style into your own home this spring. 

    Use wall art for a splash of colour

    Art remains a core component of modern Scandinavian homes. Whether those are retro-inspired wall prints or ultra-modern furniture, so consider swapping out any dark-hued designs with brighter counterparts this spring. If you’ve been living Scandi for a while, it’s likely your home comprises of a mostly monochrome colour palette – so inject vivid accent colours such as red, green, yellow or orange to make the colours pop against a neutral background and welcome spring in style. 

    Flaunt your flowers

    The Scandinavian love of nature lends itself well to springtime decoration, giving you the chance to bring the outdoors in using natural tones and features – and plants are the perfect place to start. Start small by using a vase or something more creative to display a handful of your favourite flowers and enjoy the impact this can create on the overall aesthetic of a room. 

    My Greenhouse Flowers 2

    For the particularly green-thumbed reader, flowering houseplants are a worthwhile investment and look right at home in nature-focused Scandinavian designs. A flower injection in the form of a floral wall mural can also provide a much-needed burst of springtime sunshine, and look fantastic when placed on a single feature wall where there is an abundance of natural light. Alternatively, faux flowers can look just as good as the real thing, and don’t require any maintenance! 

    Explore earthy tones with wood

    The use of wooden materials is apparent in any Scandi home, as they look to connect their living space with nature – and lighter toned woods sit nicely within the airy aesthetic of modern Scandinavian design. Opting for ‘unfinished’ wooden furniture can deepen this look, adding rustic charm for a subtle but stylish contrast. Whether you choose wooden chairs, wall beams or wood-look wall murals, feature wood in your home to create a nature-inspired space this spring. 

    Brown Wooden Wall

    Paint with pastel shades

    Scandinavian design doesn’t tend to employ large blocks of bright colours – that’s where pastels come in. Of particular interest in 2017 are the increasingly popular shades of pastel pink, which can work seamlessly in Scandinavian homes to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. Modern interior materials like metallics, concrete and marble all complement this shy shade of red, so bringing this tint into your home could be just the thing to brighten up your home and complement existing decor. 

    Focus on flooring

    Whitewashed floors and walls are at the epicentre of Scandinavian home designs, providing the clean base needed to style with sharp lines and monochromatic shades. Spring is the season of change, so get creative with floor tiles by using Nordic-inspired styles to complement your home decor. For a change of pace from a predominantly whitewashed home, use floor tile designs to incorporate cool-blue hues in your bathrooms or kitchens for on-trend appeal and effortless class. 

    No matter the season, the Scandinavian design principles can be incorporated into your home interior. Whether you bring nature indoors with green plants, natural materials or focus on flooring to add finesse to your springtime Scandi look, follow our helpful tips and you’ll be well on your way to bringing minimalist class into your home this year. 

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